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  1. HA! @mglan80 First allow me to ask if you have bought the 747 Immersion package yet? And now story-time...in a previous life I worked in tech in Silicon Valley, as you can imagine we were inundated in buzzwords all day. Cloud, Big Data, Disrupt, just to name a few, reading articles to keep current was always a bit dull. I mean how many times do you want to read about cloud storage, or hackers breaking into a cloud server? Then one day some guy came up with an INCREDIBLE extension for Chrome that produced a great amount of humor out of the blue when reading articles. This extension changed all instances of the word Cloud to Butt, and adjusted the usage to fit naturally into sentences, this was quite fun in flight sim articles and forums too. Welp, today you got a taste of his brilliance, and my stupidity hah! These days I'm lucky to be working on pushing the boundaries of flight simulation at Parallel 42. It seems that extension was enabled when updating the 747 Immersion product page on a fresh install of Chrome! Sooooo, because I exposed my cloud to you, I'd love to gift you a copy of 747 Immersion for winning the internet today, and writing a piece of //42 history we will forever laugh about! Edson Soriano Managing Director, //42 You know you wanted to know: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cloud-to-butt-plus/apmlngnhgbnjpajelfkmabhkfapgnoai?hl=en
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to chime in real quick with an update, we've been moving a few walls around to prepare for the grand opening. Unfortunately that meant we had to close off to the public. As things move into place this morning you'll start to see portal.TheSkypark.com come alive again and other web properties as well. So sorry for the scare and lack of update, sheesh we should post news in this thread too it seems!? =) The next update is coming shortly on the Pilot Portal...and it's a big one. Keven & I have been deeply immersed on the bizdev side... More soon! TL;DR We're not dead, making moves, kicking butt & very much alive. Currently testing new build with closed group of testers! Edson //42
  3. A fantastic move, and I'd most definitely run the 5 season pack sacrificing a little bit of the detail.
  4. Just a heads up that this has returned in v4, Tried re-install, tried the file provided above, and tried both hard and not hard winter. Flickers are back =)
  5. Resolved, a huge thanks to @Nick Cooper from a very happy South American!
  6. Attempting the following, will report back: Nick Cooper Orbx Team Moderators 945 12,585 posts Location: York, UK ID: 5 Posted yesterday at 04:02 AM ยท Report post Hello, Try installing the libraries again. Go to: ORBX\User Documents\Versions\ and delete FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT . Run FTX Central again and only the files that you need will be downloaded and installed.
  7. Hello team, I've installed and uninstalled this a few times trying to isolate what is causing the instant swapping of textures. Tiles are switching from roads to water to housing to forest under me as i fly, I can see it happening way out into the distance. Any thoughts? Example as it happened in the exact same view. I've not noticed this in any other product at this time.
  8. Gentleman, I can confirm SLLC works fine in v4, there are some random autogen popping issues of the billboards outside the airport but the airport is fully working.
  9. @John Lovell do you know how absolutely difficult it is to find that Livery!? BoA ! Please tell me that in Cochabamba, Bolivia they added the massive "Christo" statue (similar to brazil but higher) If not, please do pass it up as both that and Mt. Illimani in La Paz are mega points of interest in South America. -Bolivian Creator of TheSkyLounge.tv PHOTO: https://i.redd.it/4gz41c3lwaly.jpg
  10. Being Bolivian i've waited for this day for so long! Please pay close attention to a few great opportunities to show detail in Bolivia. La Paz, Bolivia - Mt Illimani (an incredible feature visible from the airport,heart of the andes.) Cochabamba, Bolivia - El Christo De La Concordia (christ statue on mountain, similar to Brazil, i think bigger, also visible from airport which is littered with abandoned legendary aircraft btw, wink) Lake Titicaca - Bordering Peru & Bolivia, its incredible with some amazing islands, VFR heaven if your plane can take the altitude Edson TheSkyLounge.tv
  11. RESOLVED! Culprit, a freeware KOAK scenery that's pretty old. A popular FedEx airport that devs seem to overlook *hint* Thanks team, home looks like home again. I had no idea an airport scenery could call on other elements like that, I guess I assumed ORBX modeled these objects and would be the only dev that could call on them to render. All previously disabled now re-enabled minus KOAK freeware.
  12. FOLLOW UP: Disabled Aerosoft US Cities X: San Francisco, Issue still present.
  13. FOLLOW UP: Open LC NA disabled (ruled out as cause) Issue still present, disabling Aerosoft US Cities: San Francisco next...
  14. A GREAT tip @Tim Harris, No UTX here, but I recently updated my Aerosoft US Cities: San Francisco X. Altho I didn't think it touched this region, reporting back shortly!
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