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  1. I say a screenshot where it looks like you have the tunnel under the runways but does the ai traffic use that road/tunnel? do cars enter and leave?
  2. Has anyone had this happen before? I had to uninstall Orlando Cityscene because it was to hard on my old computer. I have KMCO but now KISM, KSFB are gone, well only the runways and taxiways. The underground polygon and the airport buildings are there. Anyone have any ideas? P3d v4.5 hf2 Windows 10 64 home
  3. In front of runway 34. Rey 31 is ok anyone else? p3d v4.5 hf2 SAK
  4. Do you have the ICAO for this? I can't find it.
  5. I have a i7-930 2.8 o/c to 3.8 with 6g mem on mobo GTX960 4g card am I kidding myself? I'm very interested in Washington and Florida when it comes out.
  6. well I got that program and used it and it made things worse for PGM and KEB but better for AK07 I used to land on these airports all of the time. I think it went wonky on me when I installed Pilot's Ultimate mesh. Is there a way I can make my own custom flatten file?
  7. Win 10 64 P3d v4.5 with no hotfixes I have SAK and PAHO and PILOT's Mesh I like to fly from PAHO to KEB and PGM but both KEB and PGM have elevation issues. - the airports are sunk in and surrounded by plateaus all around. Is there anyway to flatten that area out more or ? I went into AEC and none of those airports are listed for AEC on or off. I thought about running the auto config thing but I'm afraid it will mess up some of my third party airports that are now looking good. any ideas?
  8. Did this ever get fixed or was this lost in the pipeline, I haven't noticed anything different yet.
  9. the original v1 was great on my old computer but will the v2 choke my old computer? 6Gigs of old DDR3 on board ram I7-930 2.8 o/c to 3.8 GTX960 w/4gigs of vram any ideas? Is this a setup for frustration and a slide show?
  10. I can hardly wait. It will fit in with all the other airports out there.
  11. is there a trick in making this work or just install per prompts?
  12. I landed at KEKA for the first time and I noticed that the runway lights were very large but the main taxiway lighting was fine. I have tons of your payware airports and I've never seen anything like this before. Any ideas? P3d v4.4
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