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  1. This flight along the Queensland coast starts at a slightly different parking position at Cairns than... ... this one. But the takeoff generally leads over the city. Here we climb out southwesterly... ... to Atherton... ... and the famous Tablelands of the same name. The mountains below belong to Wooroonooran National Pork. I mean park. 15 minutes later, a totally different landscape. This is Orpheus Island, ... ... and after another 20 minutes we arrive at Townsville ... ... with some clearer skies! The usual orientation aid:
  2. The next flight on memory lane is a relatively short hop from Cairns. A little preview of the routing... ... before we arrive at Green Island. Some fantastic views of Arlington Reef, ... ... and even the underwater details of Michaelmas Cay are quite precise in AUv2. One of the platforms for diving and snorkeling. Many have been placed around Cairns. But too soon... ... we come back to YBCS. Quite some fun for the experienced simmer. Surely I have placed the "official" waypoints into my navigation software.
  3. As I had a helicopter at hand from my last flight, I just made a little detour southwards of the airport. Starting at the parking lots and rental car stations... ... towards the harbour... ... and to the lagoon, which serves as a croc- & yellyfish-free swimming ground. And nature´s beauty is still there.
  4. The surrounding of Cairns has enough sights for some days of exploration. And I do this with a scenic flight from Aeroglen / YBCS. When you set the calendar to dry season you get clear skies, but only low tide at Barron River falls. This flight leads us north along the spectacular coastal highway... ... to the visitor center... ... at Mossman Gorge. From there it is not far to the Daintree River ferry, ... ... you better not go fishing or swimming there. But when you drive up the hills to the north... ... you soon reach the famous rainforest. In contrast to the regular tourist we can take a shortcut back to accomodation in Palm Cove.
  5. Relaxed this flight out of Port Moresby/Jacksons will be, as it is not heading towards a bushstrip. And with an airliner instead of these all-terrain-props. However, the PNG scenery is always worth a visit! Just as the Great Barrier Reef along the Queensland coast is. Though... not in all seasons... ... and maybe better not in January. Landing in Cairns is stressless in all weather conditions, ... ... but why did they assign Cebu Pacific Airlines to "Domestic"? Perhaps this is the way to bypass Immigration controls even without carrying a tennis racket.
  6. Ok, our time in Cairns had come to an end, ... ... so we needed to get ready for another exciting location. First we took the commuter from Cairns, ... ... and checked the competition. JetStar even parks on the wrong side. The SID leads directly out to the sea... ... making it difficult to catch a good city view. Just after the first hills you see the sugar cane fields of Gordonvale, ... ... while the left side of the plane can enjoy the reef islands. After passing the Hervey Bay area (far in the distance)... ... the STARs SMOK5x lead us along Redcliffe. A beautiful final into the 19 over Brisbane harbour and the mudflats. Not so beautiful the ground textures in YBBN since the AUv2 upgrade. And difficult to land... But at least we found a proper parking lot. Now let´s try to find the rental car station (not easy I can tell you)!
  7. As there was time left after our scenic flight ... ... we went into Cairns to relax, have a swim and a cold drink or two or so. Walking down the Esplanade: It was low tide when we started. Despite the low tide, it is not recommended to swim in the Ocean here due to the big reptiles. That´s why Cairns has a big saltwater pool ("Lagoon"). You can also have nice views of starting planes from there. Moreover, Jarrad has placed some more precision at the southern end of the Lagoon: A heliport... ... and some beautiful signs. Everything totally correct. Unfortunately we can´t see Mr. Marshall on the sign, probably because of the sunshine. A huge number of bars and restaurants around the Lagoon waiting for us. Successful, I can say.
  8. When you go for sightseeing, you expect a higher number of good views. We went for that, and as a result you will have to expect a longer post. So get yourself a drink and some snacks, maybe even some music, and join us for the next tour - after the one we did the day before: The white building on the left is now used by GSL Aviation Cairns https://gslaviation.com.au/cairns/ . Unfortunately I did not find their livery for my Caravan. Taxiing northwards to the 15... ... passing the freighters. Just after takeoff we passed the Hockey Centre (unfortunately no one playing there), ... ... followed by a little city view. Check today´s route. The real Caravan was equipped with a G1000, I try to survive with the older clocks. We were passing the Grey Peaks as we headed out to the Pacific. Jarrad´s replication shows Green Island absolutely magnificent! And the entire reef looks fascinating in AUv2. Vlasoff Cay. OK, if you look in this detail some photoreal would still add a bit. Michaelmas Cay. Do you see the pontons and shuttles next to the sand island? Wait a moment, we´ll get closer... While we turned over Hastings Reef... ... a catamaran came into view. It is the reason why the GPS waypoint is named "SPIRIT": The cat is the Ocean Spirit. Unbelievable how preicse Henrik´s AI ship traffic works! The cat brings snorkelers out to Michaelmas Cay... ... where we shared the island with thousands of seabirds. We returned (too) quickly to the mainland, ... ... and approached over Yorkeys Knob... ... into a sporty final. I did it safely (surely the professional pilot did as well). YBCS domestic terminal. And here we found ourselved parked after shutdown. Both Jarrad´s scenery and the real flight are well worth the money!
  9. After our flight to the northern Queensland coast ... ... we took a rental vehicle and inspected Cairns´ surroundings. We left the airport to the north across Barron River... ... and initially followed M1, Captain Cook Highway. But as we use a plane here, we can do little detour up to Barron Gorge. Just a few seconds away (if you don´t take the famous railway): Leila´s airstrip and Kuranda. A touristic spot we skipped... Merging with the highway again. It winds along the Pacific quite nicely... ... until it turns towards the cane fields. Plan with some delays on the way. Mossman village is the place where one should leave the M1 towards the mountains. Drop your vehicle at the visitor center below... ... and let yourself be guided into Mossman Gorge. No place to land below and no beer either. So we had to continue...
  10. After escaping the sand storm in our last flight... ... it is now time to cross some borders: From AU_Red to AU_Green. From the Northern Territory to Queensland. And which airline would be better suited here than the Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services? Lining up in YAYE Ayers Rock airport. Off we go. With a last view to Kata Tjuta and Uluru. Some aerial views of Alice Springs, where our original flight had departed in the morning. You do not need to learn more than Orbx to have full orientation in the real city! The mountains of the northern Queensland coast come into view as it is getting dark. Into Cairns. No way to make real life shots, sorry. Is this really the milky way depicted here? Final. Parked. Parked & blurried. Next time I´ll do this tour with the freeware 717 John @BradB had pointed me yesterday. And now... off into this fantastic city!
  11. Getting ready for Virgin Australias flight 1709 from Cairns to Brisbane. Just out of runway 15 there is Cairns hockey center. Would be great to play there... The SID gives passengers on the left a chance to see the airport. This fantastic city view is hard to get from the cabin. Sometimes we simmers are in a better position... Passengers on the right can have a view of the Atherton tablelands and the valleys. Changing sides again to spot the reef. Do not underestimate the distances in Queensland. The flight takes nearly 2 hours. The top of descent is just next to Hervey Bay, which could be seen in the distance here. Descending into Brisbane. On the STAR around the city... ... and on final into the 01. I am sure Jack would feel a strong gravity of the bridge on the right. Deboarding at the Virgin AU terminal. Good work of the combination UT live and Pro-ATC/X.
  12. Now here is the second part of the touristic activities around Cairns: A commercial reef hopper tour. Let´s start on the 15... ... climb over the city center... ... out to Green Island. The reef looks great! Vlasoff Cay has gotten some details from Jarrad. And Michaelmas Cay has... ... a snorkeling platform. But our tour continues back... ... into the "usual" runway of YBCS.
  13. If you start northwards from YBCS you immediately meet Barron River. AUv2 now does show the river upwards into the hills, as well as the railtrack just next to it. Kuranda, another touristic hot spot. And if you want to stay a bit further north from Cairns, Port Douglas is an alternative. It is just next to Mossman, ... ... the entry point to Mossman Gorge (to the right in this view). Further north: Daintree River. Better not swim there, some hungry animals enjoy life here. Here we turn back south over Cassowary land. Ocean view. What a road. Cairns ahead, the reef beyond.
  14. Miserable wet, an hour and a half late... 180nm from Cairns Sun settles quickly around here... Out a bit early with the draggy stuff
  15. Heading north out of Cairns: Into Weipa Something a bit slower: The very top of the mainland: Into Horn Island Something bit faster to get back to Cairns in: Off to Jacksons Cairns is looking the much better option... Sorry, got a bit carried away with the pics... Mike
  16. Tourist season in Cairns at the moment... Makes me wanna get on a plane and just go...
  17. AU2 out of Sydney Rwy 25 Departure y... Decent into Cairns. Nice Reef Guys About to turn Base for Rwy 15 at YBCS About to turn Finals for Rwy 15 Localiser Approach via TODEG, CS402, CS404 STAR. AWESOME JOB to the whole ORBX team. After just nipping up the east coast, Au2 is a triumph.
  18. Qantas flight QF1709 was getting ready in Cairns. Severe rain this season in the lowlands, ... ... resulting in a foggy, partially even blind takeoff. But the Queensland coast was clear on the way south. Unfortunately the clouds came back as we descended, so it was difficult to spot Fraser Island in the background (under the 320´s belly). In this case the weather radar was of no big use. But some visibility was left, Brisbane showed up! Archerfield airbase was part of the approach procedure... ... before we turned over Brisbane River... ... and along the CBD. Some of our fellow simmers would probably modify the approach and fly under the M1 bridge? I did the conventional way. In FSX YBBN always turned into a slideshow on my computer, even when flying GA. P3dv4 makes it work much better, though still demanding (with the given weather and my standard AI setting just above the 10 FPS mark). Even worse: Still raining at the Queensland coast. Better stay inside today!
  19. The next tour from Cairns is another obvious one: Out to the Barrier Reef, as long as it is there. With the AW-109 it takes only 5 minutes... ... to discover that the AU scenery is already complete with excursion boats, kajaking and snorkeling tourists. Let´s visit Michaelmas Cay. John V. has recently shown us some great teasers of AUv2 reefs with great improvements, I´m keen to see that! Jumping over to Vlasoff Cay, where I recognize my wave setting is a bit wild for swimming. So I head back to the mainland, giving Green Island a short visit. But not forgetting to stop at the official heli tour providers. So sorry there is only one seat left in my chopper... My favourites. One is busy on the phone and the other on the glass. Downtown Cairns, with the famous saltwater pool. If there is a heli platform, use it! Back again. Indeed Cairns has some sights.
  20. The next daytrip from Cairns leads us up the Barron river... ... following the gorge to Barron Falls. Once again I have missed the virtual rain season. Kuranda city, a touristic highlight at the beginning of the Tableland. And below us is Leila´s airstrip, an artistic highlight of OZx-land. We go on southwards over the Atherton Tableland... ... to make a stop for lunch at Mareeba. The choice of the plane was already done when this flight plan was made. Here we go again... ... towards Atherton, ... ... then back to the coast over Lake Tinaroo, ... ... and, uuuh, that´s what they call "rainforest", isn´t it? But soon we can drop down back into Cairns... Crosswind, as ever so often...
  21. For this little daytrip we take off from Cairns in northerly direction, ... ... follow the Kuranda coast, ... ... until we reach the village of Mossman (right). Mossman Gorge (left) should be worth a detour for a little hike. https://www.mossmangorge.com.au/ But not in the plane: We head further north towards Daintree River, which can only be crossed by a ferry. In real life, I mean: In the sim this is already solidified to a bridge. Some minutes later the road ends at Cape Tribulation. One of Captain James Cooks tours ended here as well, and unpleasantly, this is why he gave this cape the name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Tribulation,_Queensland The wilderness below belongs to Daintree NP, which is home to the rare species of the Cassowary. A bird who, in contrast to us, knows that he is not able to fly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_cassowary Here we head back south over the river again. A number of local animal-watching tours are offered here, like http://www.crocodileexpress.com/home---crocodile-express-daintree-river-cruises Unfortunately there is no suitable airstrip for us, so we go on to Port Douglas, ... ... and back into Cairns again. PS: Good to see my AS16 working & communicating again.
  22. Qantas flight QF1948 was ready for boarding in Alice Springs. Which took some time, because the paxes were doing nothing but sweating. Finally the aircondition was started and the cargo was taking their seats. Soon we were acellerating, ... ... looked back to the airport ... ... and Alice Springs just north of the Ranges. 37 kft over the outback. Near Mt. Isa the landscape was getting greener (to my surprise). The Pacific ahead. Descending downwind over Lake Tinaroo, you can see Cairns to the right. As my ATC assigned descend a little late, I had to use the speed brakes extensively... City view. Turning into final towards the 15. Fully established to land... ... and here we were. Pulling the brakes. And soon the honoured guests left the plane.
  23. After protests of the local residents in Broome, because of alleged low overflight and the dromedaries not giving as much milk as usual due to a resulting PTSD (lies!), the Boeing Test Crew wandered from Broome to Cairns and hopes to find more aviation friendly people. Well, fans! And the landscape is more interesting anyways. Now this is a proper, spacious tarmac! First turn. First approach, ready for touch and go! Lots of (ship) traffic on our next downwind. And another pattern! The bay of Cairns. It's late afternoon. Level off at 5000' and the next downwind. A few clouds don't derange us. Yarrabah and Fitzroy Island. Admiralty Island lies in the mouth of that river. It's getting evening. Preparing for the last approach of the day. Work done, time for a sunset beer! That's it! Cheers Lars
  24. One of my first flights involving the Carendo F50 taking off from my recent FS homebase of Cairns. It's such a nice airport and after being at the real thing in June, the Orbx depiction is still reasonably accurate. If those opposing hills were higher definition I'd say it'd be tough to tell this shot apart from a real photo!
  25. I thought, after sharing the pics of my flight to Cairns, I'd share the corresponding video as well. That's it, I hope you like it. Lars
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