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  1. Aw gee Fellers that's kinda sweet of y'all. I'm 70 now - just a kid really! Much appreciated.
  2. Full review by a RW pilot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaD-OV5FnZo&t=1440s
  3. I had one of those multi-tone musical horns on my first car, a Cortina Mk II, that went (you'll have to imagine this), "Da Dee Daa Daa", twice. The police, bless them, got the Government to ban them in case people mistook the sound for a siren. Really??? Spoilsports! I also connected a bull-horn to my Lambretta 125 scooter - it was fun to see people shift out of the way!
  4. Bought it, installed it, love it! Big difference at low level with oblique shadows. Flying in between mountains also has an extra dimension. At that price, it's a no-brainer.
  5. As there are animals in the game, I'm hoping for some Katmai bears to be visible for a great bush trip experience. Can Orbx confirm?
  6. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/604980-cant-access-avsim-from-my-other-computer/
  7. Well I am happy to be corrected! I took the smallest aircraft I have, the Top Rudder ultralight, and flew under the bridge successfully. So it looks like the "hitboxes" need adjusting. I'll shut up now, thanks to everyone for their help.
  8. Sorry Jon but I don't think that's quite right. To wit: I have just flown successfully under Orbx's Sydney Harbour Bridge without incident, both ways. Cannot fly between the towers at Tower Bridge. I can also fly under many other bridges. It's a scenery problem, nothing to do with the game. As a fan of "The Blue Max" I've always wanted to take my Gypsy Moth under all the bridges I can find. Tower Bridge is one of the largest and easiest but it's not possible. Kindly ask the programmers to fix it. Many thanks. PS I'm very happy to be corrected.
  9. Tried Orbx Londinium by flying under the Tower Bridge. Crash! As one can now fly under bridges in the SU5 update, will Orbx be enabling this feature and updating their products accordingly?
  10. I bought my first ever car back in 1972 for 2400 French Francs. About £300 in English. Wow, we are being conned by hi-tek companies!
  11. This is all wrong! Y'see you're all being wowed by the pretty graphics and not one of you is considering summat much more important. THE FLIGHT MODEL In that first picture you can see quite clearly that the engines are not actually attached to the do'nut. So I am certain this is a fantasy model and not based at all in the real world. Admit it Pete, you fabricated the whole actual flying do'nut didn't you? If not, then where can I download it as it seems more dynamic than some of the default aeroplanes. Oops, hush my mouth.
  12. I suspect it's summat to do with Ortho4XP. That uses Python as the programming language in which case it can be removed as it should reside in the Ortho4XP directory.
  13. I have a 3070, an old i7 processor (Xeon 5820) and I got the following results. Just for fun before I got the card I MAXED out every single thing at 4K and benchmarked taking off from GCRR (in MSFS2020). I got 7-9 fps. I installed my 3070 and did the same test and got 19-21 fps. Turning it back to very high settings in 2D, I'm getting 45-55 fps depending on where I am. I run it at 4K at mainly very high settings and I haven't yet suffered any fps degradation even over KLAX. VR is ok too and I am quite happy but obviously I have to run that at medium until it's optimised. In Xplane 11 both in VR and 2D it's totally stutter free with high fps. Over Lanzarote in 2D, with very high settings, I'm getting up to 120fps, which is a bit of overkill I know! In 3D Mark, my 3070 is faster than my twin 980ti cards in SLI mode, which 3D Mark uses. Hope this helps make up your mind.
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