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  1. I still got mine in my flight bag like they say the new pilots today are only a flat battery away from getting lost
  2. Great job Jack how you going by the way ?
  3. Another legend gone RIP Olivia you will be missed
  4. We have lost a legend RIP Judith you will be missed
  5. P3Dv5 there are quite a few scenery's been made for Australia Western Australia for MSFS and very good quality
  6. I run P3Dv5.3 and am still running OZx scenery no problems at all also Alan Blencowe scenery with both of these you get all AU scenery
  7. The way things are going it won't happen in my life time
  8. Happy birthday mate have a good one
  9. In the cockpit there is a set of piano keys the one in the center which is the largest is the one you press to make your pilot visible otherwise just read the documentation that came with the aircraft it explains it all
  10. I also live in Western Australia what a mess this time were I live YCLG trees are above the ground the tree roots dangling below the trees Perth city Riverside drive the trees are a mess and YPJT it looks like one big sand pit not a very good update the mesh sure dose need looking at
  11. I would love to see this iconic Australian aircraft updated for P3Dv5
  12. Trying to forget how old I am a few more beers and I will never know
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