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  1. Trying to forget how old I am a few more beers and I will never know
  2. It has been years since we have had a update on Perth airport plus city scenery is it ever going to happen for P3Dv5.2 ?
  3. G'day Pat I hope you are coming along OK stay safe John
  4. No didn't remove any data from my drive just converted it to GPT just used EaseUS Partition Master anyhow it worked for me
  5. I forgot to mention I had P3Dv5 on 1 drive which was MBR and my scenery (Orbx) on another drive which was MBR my drive with windows on was GPT after I converted my other 2 drives to GPT it worked
  6. The Beaver is also ready for P3Dv5.2 just go into the MILVIZ forum and check in the support section if you have registered with them and get the download or just ask on the MILVIZ forum were you can get the installer for P3Dv5.2
  7. Yes this is the MILVIZ porter if you own it go to there site there is a new installer for P3Dv5 go to your downloads and it should be there BTW it is VRAM hungry so when you install it untick real light and true glass
  8. I was having problems with my gpu spiking and heat problems with cpu and gpu until I worked out my problem I had my c drive converted to GPT and the drive with P3Dv5.2 was MBR I converted my drive with P3Dv5.2 on to GPT and all problems solved might work for others as well I now have all my drives converted to GPT now my cpu and gpu are balanced out
  9. Yeah found my missus when I was 15 she was 14 been married 53 years don't know how she puts up with me but she does so can't be too bad she even went and got her pilots license as well to help me out
  10. The missus is watching them now there not doing very good
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