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  1. I bought and installed Sydney Landmark from Orbx. It looks it needs to be bought from Microsoft Marketplace for it to be installed on Xbox. Will Orbx make it a cross buy so that we don't need to buy it twice? Please!
  2. Thanks. I used to use the hat switch as trim, but I didn’t know it is meant to.
  3. What do you mean by "trim hat"? Do you mean the 8 direction hat switch on X52 Pro?
  4. I had a fear that TrueEarth series would die out with the coming of MSFS. I am so relieved it is not the case.
  5. I mistake the title for Orbx & PIlot’s FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - MSFS 2020, and my heart beats violently. Oh I must have lost my mind longing for a better mesh for MSFS so much!
  6. I'd love to see Oxbx TE England for MSFS, but I think technically that might be very difficult even if Orbx is willing to do it. Think of the difference in data and file structure. A very small area or some landmarks are easier to do, but the coverage as big as England...I don't hold much hope.
  7. Not much impact, according to my experience with FS Global Ultimate terrain mesh.
  8. I whole-heartedly agree with the suggestions above. Terrain mesh is one of the biggest sore of the otherwise great MSFS. Orbx could show its true brilliance with the problem solved.
  9. I want all my previously purchased Orbx products converted for MSFS, now! I’d like to pay for them, at 50% discount of course. And many new future products, many many more!
  10. The problem of the MSFS trees is that they look like mushrooms when viewed from atop. Down to land level and they are OK. Orbx trees are much better from either view.
  11. Please allow me to ask a burning question: is it technically possible to bring the TrueEarth series to MSFS? I really want this to happen as it's so much more polished than the inconsistant photogrammetry sceneies of the MSFS. There will also be many people flying in offline mode, and a MSFS version of TrueEarth would make their experience the same of even better than the cloud mode.
  12. Are you going to buy an iPhone 12 if you already have an iPhone 5? And yes, I am eagerly looking forward to TrueEarth Italy.
  13. The last missing piece. It must be done. And yes, it depends on how P3D lives.
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