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  1. How is Orbx going with X plane 12 beta testing? I was told by a friend at the recent expo he was told that Orbx have the beta for testing. Is there any upgrade policy for X plane 11 scenaries, will it be free or will there be an upgrade price?
  2. Yes I stopped using P3d V5 now and have swapped to MSFS and X plane 11.50. I have a few freeware airports for MSFS and they are pretty good but i would like to see Orbx do jandakot and Broome again in MSFS.
  3. Do you mean you are running this in MSFS 2020 or P3d V5?
  4. I wonder if WA will ever get any attention again in the same way as FSX and P3d and X plane ( somewhat) in this new sim since the brilliant developer Mr Marshall has seemingly left the Orbx building? The Shunts folk have done some awesome work over East and love to see some love for WA again!
  5. He has disappeared altogether , maybe he is gone back to being an airline pilot?
  6. My guess is that as Orbx is moving to an online store selling other third party products and they just don't want to get involved in monitoring other third party product discussions as this may result in them getting sued or breaching contract terms ect, so the only way they can control it is take it off public offline discussions.
  7. I am hoping now ASOBO have done such a great job of Australia ( IMHO it's the best update so far in terms of quality) I am hoping Orbx will go and do some special treatment like they used to with P#D and FSX. I will be disappointed if a 2022 roadmap does not include that. I wonder whether the fact they are now turning into more of a Webstore for other scenery developers that they may not be doing much of their own scenery now?
  8. I am so happy that Australia is finally going to get a proper treatment of it's huge and varied landmass!
  9. Same problem different temperature! A friend of mine flew a helo in Antarctica before GPS and given the high latitude the compass was virtually unusable , is that a problem in the high Canadian lts?
  10. I have travelled the world extensively in real life and I have met very few people in the Northern hemisphere that truly understand the nature of the Australian Continent unless they have spent time travelling on it or over it or through it. There is simply nothing to compare in the Northern hemisphere and one of the things have I learnt when flying with Northern Hemisphere trained pilots is that they find our VFR maps very hard to read from the map to the ground as the topography is so different and what we see as a feature in Australia would not even be marked on a VFR map in the Northern hemisphere. So a more detailed mesh that allows a more nuanced topography would be much appreciated by those of us that fly VFR in our sims in Australia. I guess that is why Orbx started from in providing more detail in our delicate Australian topography before they became international in their approach.
  11. Very low ridges, though I think falling off them would cause a lot more than a skinned knee!
  12. Wow you have no idea of the topography and how big Australia is given you live in a postage stamp country 1/100 th of the size of Australia . Your lack of geography is duly noted.
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