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  1. Hi Michael. Just received a reply from FS2020 support (zendesk). They have analyzed all the system and other files they requested. They say it is my virus program BitDefender that is causing the CTDs. They said, I need to un-install it. However, I did have an exception for the whole FS2020 folder, and they know this. Even with the exception it must continue to cause a conflict with FS2020.
  2. Thanks. NOTHING IN THE COMMUNITY FOLDER. Also followed advice of Zendesk and moved the empty Community folder on to the Desktop. Please read my other replies.
  3. Thanks. Obviously a fresh install is the ONLY answer. I have tried Safe Mode but still CTD. All Mods, and Add-Ons removed. Empty Community Folder. How do you do a Vanilla install? Is it a fresh install without any add-ons, without the Asobo add-ons?
  4. Thanks, I am fast getting like that. Is all the hassle worth it? I think not.
  5. Thanks. Please read my other replies. ALL Add Ons, Mods are removed.
  6. Thanks. Win11 and all Nvidia updates, and Asus driver/bios updates. All mods removed, NO OC on CPU and GPU. Exceptions with BitDefender, and still CTDs with BitDefender disabled. Ram tested took hours, OK. 900w PSU stability test, OK. Disabled various settings in FS2020 as advised by Zendesk and huge amount of advice from FS2020 forums. I have tried everything possible. A full uninstall/re-install of FS2020, and maybe a clean install of Windows may be the only answer. But WHY should I be forced to do this when Win11 and ALL other Apps, Sims and Games are running fast, faultless, and smooth?
  7. I have a dream PC for FS2020, i9-11900K, 32GB Ram, RTX3090, Gen4 MP600 Pro 2TB SSD, Ultrafast Fibre BB, and recent update to Win 11. The PC runs fast on Win 11 and ALL other Apps, Sims and Games including AeroFly FS2. I did like FS2020 and for short periods it was superb, BUT I could never complete a flight before it CTD. This has been going on now for over 6 months, and it is time to quit with FS2020 and all Orbx FS2020 scenery add-ons. Over this time FS2020 support has still NOT resolved what the problem is with the continued CTDs, despite the huge amounts of effort on my part to resolve it. So I have decided to remove FS2020 from my PC and continue with AreoFly FS2 monitor mode and AeroFly VR which runs superb, crisp and clear. However the scenery in AeroFly is not that great. Does Orbx have scenery for AeroFly? Or can anyone recommend another Flightsim?
  8. It was never shown on my list as update available? I don't know what I missed? It shows as Not Installed 509.38 MB (+ 932.38 MB on disk) Is the 932.38 MB the update? As it is the only item not installed on my list, I will now install it. Thanks
  9. Since the MS France update I have been waiting for the update on Orbx Paris Landmarks. Because the Orbx Paris Landmarks conflicted with the MS France update the Orbx Paris Landmarks had to be uninstalled. Months have passed and I still see there is NO update? It seems Orbx are ignoring this? I wish that I had not purchased this Orbx product, what a total waste of money. This is strange, because after the UK update, soon after Orbx updated their London Landmarks adding extra content, and removing any scenery conflicts.
  10. This is the first time I have been disappointed by a Orbx download. This aircraft is the worst in my collection. The aircraft is very hard to control, to take-off, to fly and especially to bank, and not easy to land. I can not believe this aircraft would handle so badly in real life. I have had several real training lessons at Redhill Aerodrome in a Diamond Katana DA20 and one test flight in a Piper Warrior II. There are very few light aircraft in FS2020 I have not flown. By far this EA-7 is the worst, and needs to be updated.
  11. I purchased this Orbx product some time ago. A few weeks before the France and Belgium FS2020 update. After this I disabled the Orbx Paris City Landmarks. Even though now I would buy products via Orbx Central, I purchase the Paris City Landmarks via FS2020 Marketplace. But I still see after all this time that there is NO update listed in the Marketplace? Its been a long time, are Orbx going to just ignore this, if so I want a refund, or an exchange for other scenery?
  12. It was suggested to uninstall Orbx Paris Landmarks after the MSFS Europe update. I have no idea what is happening, but in the Marketplace and My Profile downloads there is still no update to this showing? I purchased this through the FS Marketplace. I do now buy content drect from Orbx Central.
  13. I have been away for about 2-3 weeks. out of touch, I assume the Paris Landmarks update is not quite ready. I purchased this on FS Marketplace, so it should say when Update Available? All future purchases will be from Orbx, as was the last one was.
  14. Used and made a purchase through Orbx Central for first time. Downloaded to Library rather than MSFS2020. The Library says MSFS links with the downloaded content? I don't understand the reason why 2 options for download?
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