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    My interests include Flight Simulator, scuba diving, reef-keeping, munro bagging, mountain climbing, cricket and football.

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  1. Very nice set of shots Andreas and nifty looking little aircraft. Hope you get well soon. Cheers, Calum
  2. A tremendous trio of shots Paul. Up there with the best. Cheers, Calum
  3. Another superb looking airport Paul. Is this one stock or an add-on you have downloaded? Cheers, Calum
  4. Great shots Jack. Nice looking house. Did you pre-warn him you were visiting - it doesn't look as though they are expecting guests. Cheers, Calum
  5. Another fine set of shots Jack. Cheers, Calum
  6. Great set of shots here Jack. Cheers, Calum
  7. A very nice set of shots here. Cheers, Calum
  8. Really nice set of shots Paul. I'm looking forward to exploring this island. Cheers, Calum
  9. Nice set of shots Graeme. Cheers, Calum
  10. Great set of shots Paul and really interesting airfield. I hope that one of those sheep don't slip on to the runway - i hear that's how they make the transition in to a haggis. Cheers, Calum
  11. Superb shots Adam. Great looking aircraft indeed. I still find the definition and detail in those mountains incredible. Cheers, Calum
  12. Another splendid set of shots Paul. Cheers, Calum
  13. A fine trio of shots Iain. Cheers, Calum
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