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  1. Hello, This issue is becoming quite annoying. How can one fix this please? It happens everywhere when flying in bush land? Chers, Tim.
  2. Thank you gentlemen. I will not do the update then. I do not wish to have to go and turn on/off a whole bunch of stuff again to make things work. Cheers,
  3. Hello, My Orbx Central is telling me that there is a EU Norway update available... Where can i find a list of what the update does please? I have a bucket load of 3rd party Norway addons and do no want to to "re-do' them again if there is a chance that this update will force me to redo the addons? Cheers, Tim.
  4. Hello All, I have for weeks now, gone and fixed a LOT of addon scenery -from OZx and many of the other great developers that have added to Australia- to get things looking correct and working well enough for me. My question is... What is the best and easiest way to do a Orbx AU Australia v2 update without having to redo ALL of the work that I have done? Best Regards, Tim.
  5. Thank you Nick. I thought it might have been me doing something wrong!?
  6. Hello Chaps, I have True Earth GB South installed as well as FTX_EU_ENG. I have "un-ticked" FTX_EU_ENG in my scenery library so that only True Earth GB South will show. However, I have noticed that i am getting "double ups" on some buildings? Is this correct? If not....how do I fix this please? Example is over Goodwood House and the Horse track to the north on top of the hill..... One can see that there are two building out doing each other? Cheers, Tim
  7. Hello Amiga, Thank you for reply and sorry for the delay in response. I could not remember where i posted my plight. I will give your suggestion a go when i come across the floating houses again. It has not happened of late...thank goodness. Cheers, Tim.
  8. Okay one more try at your instructions..... "The easy workaround is to rename your E:\Orbx folder to E:\Orbxx". Done! "Then create a new and therefore empty E:\Orbx folder" Done! "open Orbx Central and click on Add Library again." Well guess what. I do not get this option "Add Library" in Orbx Central!? "Once the library has been added, close Orbx Central and delete the E:\Orbx folder" Rename E:\Orbxx to E:\Orbx" This makes no sense tome what so ever? Are you not just undoing what was just done and thus back to square one? I do not even want the library to be in the E: drive I have no idea how it got there in the first place?
  9. Well I can not seem to save the E:drive library as per your instructions above before I delete the C: drive library...!? I give up!?!?
  10. That is exactly what my plight is!? I don't know what to do!? If both Libraries had the same contents...of coarse I would delete one!? But they do not!!! So if I click on "Add Library" will it move that Library from the E: Drive to the Main Library on the C: drive?
  11. I can only see what is in front of me..... .....and this is after I click "Scan for Libraries"!
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