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  1. The atmosphere and the sky on each shot are fantastic. . Cheers !
  2. Thank you very much to all of you! It means a lot for me!... I really enjoyed all your (funny) comments !! And yes, these last two years have passed very quickly... Especially for me! Cheers !
  3. I have a preference for the second one.... ... PS: Congratulations for the perfect framing between the two images... Cheers !
  4. I notice on the shot #2 that Martyn was along for the ride!... Nice van by the way! PS: Terrific set of shots! Thanks for sharing! Cheers !
  5. ! PS #1: sorry, this is the only thing my keyboard writes no matter which keys I press!! PS #2: The ambiance is soooooo cool and match the city! Cheers !
  6. It's an ingenious idea to have flooded the runway to take off! PS: fantastic shots ! Cheers !
  7. Dear Martyn, On the last shot, It's a good idea to take the opportunity to mow grass to enlarge the runway you found out!... It's just in case it happens again, isn't it ? PS #1: do not hesitate to make the runway wide enough because I think Jack will be tempted soon to do the same landing with his legendary 747 ... And leave the trees, he will take care of them then ! PS #2: Great shots Martyn and enjoy the bird!!!! Cheers !
  8. I was looking for the rolling shutter button before I realized I was right in front of a monitor ... Stunning !!! Anyway, thanks to you my 4K monitor turned into a 10K (at least!) for free!... Thanks for the discount! Cheers ! PS: vertiginous and impressive perspectives...
  9. Fine set of shots ! Cheers ! PS : on the last shot, the MSFS 2020's marshallers are absolutely able to do everything... After the bear trainers, now roofers !
  10. Where does Orbx find their inspiration ? Don't know bro... But again, it rocks! PS : fine set of shots Mikee. Thanks for sharing. Cheers !
  11. Don't worry, it's just a marshaller's classroom lesson! Cheers !
  12. OK! Many, many thanks Pete for the time you spent on this explanation! Joe. PS: Agree with you! Bravo TTM and thanks for sharing! Cheers !
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