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  1. Thank you John, I like XPlane, it's a good simulator. Cheers Andreas
  2. Hi all, now I have a video flying in Xplane featuring the TE Balearic Islands. Scenery is great. Xplane 11.53, Orbx TE Balearic Islands, freeware airport LEPA by TDG and the vFlyteAir Cherokee. Thank you for viewing, Cheers Andreas
  3. Great video! The scenery in MSFS looks good flying low.
  4. Thank you very much. Here you can see the settings, nothing unusual about it. The biggest impact to the performance was to install all scenery as addons. I wrote a post here: Cheers Andreas
  5. Very interesting video Frank, well done. I think the old Junkers is quite an interesting addon for a reasonable price. In the 20s of the last century life was much better, today there are too much computers and updates.... Cheers Andreas
  6. Hi all, now I have another video of a great scenery we all know. And it's the PA 44 again , I am just trying that out because it's available for 3 sims. Years ago I downloaded a lot of photoreal scenery for FSX covering this area, and it was all without autogen. So things have improved slightly with TE scenery or the MS 2020 scenery. Thank you for viewing, Andreas
  7. On the long run they will bring a lot of their aircraft to MS 2020 at Carenado I think. They have quite a lot, so they have a lot of work to do..... I would very much like to have the 2 Rockwell Commander there as well.
  8. Thank you very much John! I am a few days later, sorry. Glad you like the video . I wanted to do another one but had a terrible problem with my joystick, couldn't fly. Don't know what was the reason, every setting was gone. Now it works again.
  9. Hi all, now I have another one, it's fun. This is the little hop at Eureka. Thank you for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  10. Thank you very much John! Glad you like it. I never flew an aircraft in real life but I like this one here very much in the simulator. It's rather strong, climbs well and flies very stable. And it's a high quality model.
  11. Hi all, hope everybody is fine here. After months I am flying a bit again and I did my first video in acceptable HD quality. This is really not very much, only a short flight around KRDD, but perhaps I will do more in the future. Seems to work also with my MS Flightsimulator and my Xplane. So far I don't use a microphone or so to speak during the flight, sorry. Hope the link works. Thank you very much for viewing.
  12. Great shots again Adam! According to John you are living dangerous in the CS, there is an technical issue... in the worst case you will have to practice a flight simulation "failure"...in such a case I always shut down the sim, it's the best you can do...
  13. Grerat view of the airport in #3 Martyn!
  14. Great set Pete! #5 is a fantastic shot, postcard quality, the scenery is really well done...
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