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  1. Great pictures of a fantastic scenery, the Orbx airports for Alaska in FSX/P3d are all first class, I love it. You may want to reinstall P3d along with the MSFS and if you do so I recommend to install all sceneries exclusively as "P3d addons". You will get a very good quality and performance out of it because it is ensured that the correct files for the scenery are always loaded. And you can drop it anywhere on your disks. This works well using Orbx Central, you can create and choose your libraries.
  2. Yes Don, thank you very much, good shots and it looks a bit different, not that clean.
  3. Great set Adam with a bombastic light and the aircraft looks very realistic.
  4. Very nice set Gerold, the big jet flyer is always in the air. And to adjust the caffeine level is always a good idea, the cup of coffee looks good by the way.
  5. Nice shots Don, can you please post some shots of the cockpit? I have the aircraft in P3d and I think the cockpit is made a bit "too clean", looks too much as of today or so, I don't know how to describe it.
  6. Nice shot Martyn , seems to be the landclass region scenery isn't it? Nice model of the bridge as well.
  7. Thank you John! Never touch a working machine and it will work for years! Yes, but that has already gone wrong...if I myself could still work as well as my simulator then I would be happy! Thanks a lot Don! Yes, I've looked at some older screenshots on my disks, mainly FSX, and the visual quality was not the problem. I have found some nice FSX shots of Bar Harbor, a few years old, maybe I will post it again. Thanks a lot, I still have FS9 running as well but now decided to uninstall this. Becomes too difficult with the graphics and not so much useful sceneries in our days. Thank you all very much! Glad you like it Graeme. As I said next I will post some shots from TrueEarth, first Spain South HD in Xplane. Runs like hell and is really well done, I've done a first flight, great. MSFS is a very good sim and the big advantage is of course downloading the sceneries all over the world "on the fly". I don't even need any cache for that. But I dont think it's a real successor of P3d or Xplane so far, it's another good sim. At this moment it cannot beat TrueEarth in the other 2 sims, my opinion. And I have the store version, so I cannot tweak the graphics because the "exe" is protected, no injection possible. And this bright sun in the sim always annoys me. Perhaps sometime I will install it on Steam. Cheers Andreas
  8. Hi all, did not do any flight simulation for more than half a year. My best wishes to all of you in the forums! My sims seem to work and I did some flights in the old sims as well. It's beautiful. Have installed some more TrueEarth from the midsummer sale for P3d and Xplane, I'll do some shots and videos next weeks. This is from the old sims: NZWR in P3dv3.4, it's the old FSX Skyhawk and a nice paint by John Murchison if I am right. FSX SE and the scenery at Westhaven in PNW, must be 13 or 14 years old. Big bird at Bowerman Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  9. Thank you John, I like XPlane, it's a good simulator. Cheers Andreas
  10. Hi all, now I have a video flying in Xplane featuring the TE Balearic Islands. Scenery is great. Xplane 11.53, Orbx TE Balearic Islands, freeware airport LEPA by TDG and the vFlyteAir Cherokee. Thank you for viewing, Cheers Andreas
  11. Great video! The scenery in MSFS looks good flying low.
  12. Thank you very much. Here you can see the settings, nothing unusual about it. The biggest impact to the performance was to install all scenery as addons. I wrote a post here: Cheers Andreas
  13. Very interesting video Frank, well done. I think the old Junkers is quite an interesting addon for a reasonable price. In the 20s of the last century life was much better, today there are too much computers and updates.... Cheers Andreas
  14. Hi all, now I have another video of a great scenery we all know. And it's the PA 44 again , I am just trying that out because it's available for 3 sims. Years ago I downloaded a lot of photoreal scenery for FSX covering this area, and it was all without autogen. So things have improved slightly with TE scenery or the MS 2020 scenery. Thank you for viewing, Andreas
  15. On the long run they will bring a lot of their aircraft to MS 2020 at Carenado I think. They have quite a lot, so they have a lot of work to do..... I would very much like to have the 2 Rockwell Commander there as well.
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