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  1. Good shots Adam and a nice aircraft again!
  2. Thank you very much Iain! Glad you like it Wayne. Yes Paul and thank you. This livery is well done, I found others in the set which are a bit poor, so it depends... Thanks a lot Adam!
  3. Hi all, now I still practice how to fly the Asobo A320 simply because it's part of the sim. It has some habits which are a bit strange compared with my other A320 in Xplane. Bought some paints for a little money in the marketplace, they have a sale. The fsimstudios CYVR is installed. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  4. My vote goes to Paul for his shot at PHHU. Looks realistic and good light.
  5. Great set Paul, good colors there.
  6. Nice shots Adam and a good looking Caravan in the last one.
  7. Yes Gerold, the big companies always clog the airports.... And yes Adam, always much more and much faster today, if they don't get more every day it's not ok. I'll think about it Paul...where is the slider? Yes, at the end it was exactly 47 minutes...enough time to finish the newpaper and the coffee. I will send them a bill...
  8. Hi all, no chance to take off here at Brisbane....I read my newspaper and have a cup of coffee... This is P3d 4.5 and Orbx YBBN V2. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  9. And some more helpful wishes, thanks a lot gentlemen. It has to go better, be thankful if you can sit at your desk.... This is interesting because as we all know it's not very good for health to sit at the desk the whole day... But if you cannot sit at all the question is really how to spend the day....stand 12 hours and sleep 12 hours, oh oh....
  10. Good shots Adam and it's a nice aircraft. I have it in P3d and the only issue there is that it seems to be a bit overpowered.
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