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  1. I did uninstall at Orbx Central, restarted computer and signed back in to Orbx central and re installed the NA GA Traffic file. No difference.
  2. I get lots of traffic at the airports I purchased. I went to the configure page of NA General Aviation to look for the check box to disable and just use the default traffic, since some regions I have don't support NA General Aviation. But I don't have the option to just use default GA Aviation in FSX-SE.
  3. Figured it out...un-installed Orbx North American AI-traffic at Orbx Central and re-installed it.. not sure what happened. But the Traffic is working againšŸ¤¦
  4. The traffic at airports I have purchased is very good. But outside those airports the general traffic is non existing. I uninstalled the Orbx ai traffic file in Orbx central to see if the default fsx traffic shows up. None..here is my fsx-scenery-world-scenery folder.
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