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  1. Sounds great and can't wait to find the time checking out the new update myself. Bromma is only a 15 mins drive from where I live. So always very cool to fly in and out of Bromma and recognize all things down on the ground Guess I'll see for myself when I try it out but has the ICA Maxi building next to the airport been finished now also in the scenery in the same way it has IRL?
  2. How is ESSA coming along? I really miss a good scenery for ESSA in MSFS.
  3. Late to the party but just wanted to join in and say thanks for the excellent news Marcus! So much looking forward to all items mentioned in your initial post!!
  4. Happy I found this because I was just about to report the same issue. Wouldn't it be good if the installation process of Orbx LOWI automatically disabled the Asobo version of LOWI? When you know about this issue. By simply replacing true with false as suggested in Content.xml
  5. Do you need the in flight functions to fully use and enjoy the software? I understand the moving map but what else will you miss in VR?
  6. I was able to find the answer to the question elsewhere and sadly, the answer is no VR support at this time. Apparently, this is not because of the developer of this program but how Asobo at this time doesn't allow third party applications inside their VR environment in MSFS. If and when this will change, I guess no one can answer right now. Still, I'm thinking of getting the software. As I don't see how you wouldn't be able to still use it. Sure, you won't be able to see the moving map etc while in VR. However, you can still get your job assignments before switching to VR. In the same way, you can end the mission once you've landed at the destination after switching out of VR. While you can enjoy the flight from A to B in VR. All you need to know really as I understand it from a few clips I've watched is the origin and destination airports. If I'm missing something in my reasoning around this, please let me know.
  7. And here's one more having the very same question. Anyone of you guys already found the answer elsewhere? Considering the complete silence in here since you posted this very valid question back in December last year.
  8. Many thanks for this Raz, this is great news and I'm very much looking forward to the update
  9. I realize that Jon. Hence I quoted Ed's post hoping for exactly what you mention, how he might have some news for us. Or if not, maybe will be able to reach out to Gaya (again).
  10. Another month passed and still nothing. Can you please let us know if you talked to the developer or found out what updates we can expect in the near future for this product? Just landed on runway 34 and seeing this takes away quite a bit of the fun using this product
  11. Hello Ed, Just wanted to ask if you were able to talk to this partner and if you have any news to share with us in regards of upcoming fixes to address the current issues?
  12. Thanks for commenting Ed, would be great if the long outstanding issues could be addressed by the developer.
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