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  1. Yeah, maybe I reconsider now when we know EGNX won't be made available via Orbx.
  2. From what I've read, I don't think we'll have more information than what was already given. Truly sad with Orbx being one of the major players in the market and with Pyreegue being one of the top developers.
  3. Yep, truly annoying when I for the reasons mentioned above decided to stick with only the most reliable installers IMO...Orbx Central and Aerosoft One. Guess I'll pass on EGNX for now anyway.
  4. Thanks Nick for coming back to us and all good 👍 Sad to read these news though 😔
  5. Would you mind giving us the summary for those of us who don't use FB?
  6. @B12 Thanks buddy! I couldn't agree more with how the attitude both in here but also at some other places often isn't what you expect as a paying customer when communicating with the company you bought your products from. I'm not really sure why this is within the FS community and with a certain set of developers/publishers but it's been like this for as long as I can remember and I've been around for many years. Wouldn't fly in most other situations IRL, that's for sure. I work with customer success and satisfaction professionally. @Nick Cooper We've had our encounters in the past with some nasty comments flying around every now and then and like B12 points out, they don't really go well with a professional company. If that is what Orbx like to be. Where you are representing Orbx when communicating with us in here. Looking at this specific example, surely I wouldn't have asked my question in here if I already saw the information you linked to. With all this said, great again to hear how we'll all be able to buy EGNX also via Orbx down the road. The scenery truly looks stunning from what I've seen so far on YouTube etc 🙂
  7. Didn't read that before so thanks for sharing. So if I understood correctly, it will be available in here but with a short delay. That's great news!
  8. I was happy to hear how Pyreegue the other day released their scenery for EGNX for MSFS which I was planning to buy. Some time ago, I took the decision to only buy and use airport scenery products either from Orbx or Aerosoft. This after I got sick of the clutter on my PC using a myriad of installers from various publishers and developers. In this case though, I was confident I would be able to find Pyreegue's newly released EGNX for MSFS after already having bought several of their other products in here in the past. Which is why I was puzzled when I realized this new and highly anticipated product isn't to to found in here. What happened?
  9. Got it, thanks guys. In my case, I only have MSFS products installed which explains why I see this error message for all my products.
  10. I have some 30+ airports and I've never seen anything but this when pressing the button
  11. I'm using both with no issues. So the issue must be caused by something else.
  12. Got it, many thanks Marcus! As said, will play around and try to find the best balance between performance and visuals 👍
  13. Yes, you really managed to catch the correct "feeling". So cool being able to enjoy Arlanda virtually like this 🙂 As for the plane spotting place next to runway 26, I'm actually not sure if that one is still accessible or if it even exists anymore. Due to lots of construction work. You might want to double check that before spending time. I will check myself more carefully next time I'm there.
  14. Thanks, will play around with the options a bit. Would be great with a brief explanation what exactly the different options do. For instance, what the difference is between animated traffic and cars. Guessing cars are the parked and static ones? About clutter, could you provide a few examples what is included with that option? So if I understand you correctly, animated traffic has the biggest impact on performance where clutter comes on a second place?
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