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  1. Hi John, I was hoping for YMMB in particular and associated GA airports around the bay - answer is probably not going to happen, certainly not soon. I am using free software which is quite good but Orbx always did a good job and was worth the money IMO especially when they focused on Oz back in the P3D FSX days. However they have other avenues (and revenue streams) to pursue and that is fine, the MSFS market place is now so wide it is probably hard for companies to pick 'winners' for development and they must go for ROI. I was just asking, thats all. Thanks for all the responses. Brian
  2. SO I'll ask again, Whatever happened to Melbourne, Last I heard Orbx had all the stuff for MSFS Melbourne but couldn't decide whether to do anything with it. Looks like there isn't much on the horizon from Orbx at all judging by the 'upcoming products' section. What is going on is Orbx beciming just a reseller site now? Brian
  3. One issue is that it appears that another Aussie company did the DEM so could mean a few inconsistencies. the following from a news site:- "A team of 60 people have worked on this specific update, Jorg Neumann revealed in the video. The studio has teamed up with an Australian company to build the new DEM. Another Australian company, Orbx built all 94 POIs included in the update."
  4. OK thanks again for the input, I have used FSUIPC in P3D and so am familiar with its advantages and disadvantages (steep learning curve). I'll take your advice under consideration. Not sure that buying FSUIPC at A$45 to fix a issue on a $30 a/c really works for me at the moment. But I will keep it in mind for possible future issues and again thanks for your comments.
  5. Yep Thanks John, understand what you are suggesting and appreciate that you are trying to be helpful. Reality is however that I really do not want to invest in FSUIPC to fix an issue that the Vendor Iris should have fixed as part of their support for the product and especially as it has taken them months to update the item in the first place. I have put it down to experience, stuff like this happens and you have to learn from it. Obviously won't be buying from that vendor again. Its a shame 'cos the plane is really quite OK in other respects, I can use a work around (reverse the trim direction in MSFS) but really it should have been a simple fix and obviously the vendor has missed it.
  6. its ok just got it - pity that the trim is still reversed as compared to default a/c - what I am coming to expect from Iris sim.
  7. Hi Ed , any news on this - still no update at Orbx yet. Brian
  8. I see that this has been released by Iris - can you tell me when it will be available from Orbx please? Thanks, Brian
  9. And as a final note I see that Iris has taken the Jabiru off their own website so that does not exactly instill confidence in the long term support for their products.
  10. As of October 9th Iris still have not updated their product, I again asked and was told we are going to update but no idea when. Customer service does not seem to be their priority so quite honestly I will not be buying again from them and frankly I would not recommend others to do so. Very dissappointing.
  11. John, If the CH uses repeat key commands it will work fine, only an axis binding has the issue. Brian
  12. IRIS has been in touch, they seem to prefer Facebook / messenger for interaction rather than email. An update is in the pipeline but no date as yet. BTW they are not alone many planes seem to have the reversed trim/axis issue - another V5 update issue it seems.
  13. I have sent a request off to IRIS systems today but am posting this in case other have the same issue. I have seen that IRIS does not seem to be very responsive to some of the support requests that I have reviewed on this site so it will be interesting to see if they respond promptly to this issue. I understand that this in not an Orbx product but never the less I bought the product from you (Orbx) so I am posting this here. The issue:- On the Jabiru 160 /170 version 1.45 (which I think is the current version): The trim assignment when an axis is used - as distict from a key assignment - is reversed since MSFS update 5, so forward trim / nose down is actually giving a nose up movement. This is as compared to MSFS included aircraft ie C152 etc. The keyboard assignment seems to work as normal. I have seen a similar issue on one other aircraft (which has now been fixed). Any feedback would be of interest from existing Jabiru users. Brian
  14. Not sure if this is a Orbx issue but flying south west towards the Menai bridge (going onto Anglesea) there is a road which goes under the bridge and into the water with traffic on it (going underwater). Landing by seaplane you can actually bump into the traffic (unseen) as you go under the bridge. The bridge looks good and is accurate BTW. Brian
  15. Or, seeing as this is a simulator, you could just set the pilots to a weight of 10 kg (25ibs) and that should do it too. Hard to do in real life though.....
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