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  1. Just to finish the conversation off, and as Wolfko said above, according to fselite, Blacksquare have released the following " Powerplant options for Duke come in the form of twin, turbocharged Lycoming piston engines, or the twin turbine-powered “Royal Duke” conversion featuring the Pratt & Whitney PT6A." So the Trubocharged is a piston engine Lycoming and the PT6A is a well know jet engine that is usually used as a turboprop engine. Hope that helps
  2. You kind of identified it yourself, piston engines are internal combustion engines (often now called ICE), some of which have turbo charging, ie just a method of increasing power inside the ICE. Turbine engines are essentially jet engines (albeit with a propeller attached in some cases as against a pure jet), ie a turbine not a piston as its basis of operation. Jet engines operate differently from ICE in terms of controls and offer better power but generally are slower to respond to power changes compared to ICE.
  3. I hope its not gas operated 'cos the vents in a bad place.....
  4. Nah, wrong stork, mine was , so I'm told, white, had me in its bill and was self powered, ecologically sound - carbon neutral, and didn't need any landing space integral piloting system. The one you mention was before my time so it couldn't be right, used petrol and needed a pilot too. 😇
  5. It was a stork, but I don't remember much about it as I wa only a baby......
  6. your still alive but have a long way to go.......
  7. forgot to mention, that was in a Boeing 737, only issue was when I landed the doors all fell off, not sure where they landed...... Ohh, thats harsh isn't it? Sorry Boeing. Yes I lied it wasn't a 737 really. (you all knew that.....)
  8. I did the Burj Al Arab Landing Challenge ! only took about 5 attempts - wouldn't say I'd mastered it though 😇
  9. go with sacrificial goat..... less painful
  10. I think the scenery quality also depends on what cache is running (or was running before the I/n went away) - so still runs but you loose all the good stuff that is downloaded.
  11. Is there any timeframe for the above release on Orbx? I understand that they have released to third parties yesterday. Brian
  12. Yeah, thanks for that, I am tending to not using the store any longer, takes forever to get updates and then they stuff them up. To be honest though I have had ocassional Bargains in the store but as you say some stuff is not so good. On a side issue Miltech who do the carrier stuff are very responsive and very helpful, thats how I fund out about this issue. Brian
  13. Here I am replying to my own thead, is that talking to yourself?? Anyway apparently there is an issue with MSFS encryption which is causing this issue - so another reason for NOt buying from the MSFS Store, that'll teach me won't it🤑
  14. Just a general equirey if anyone is using the above package, what if any increase in MSFS load times have you noticed? Thanks, Brian
  15. Fly Boeing Alaskan, our doors are always open.......
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