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  1. I didn't say anyone was to blame, (and clearly the terrorists were is this case) read my post, what I did say is it was not such a good result for some, so the premise that it was a 'good raid' depends on how it affected those involved from their standpoint. And on topic, not sure this is a good subject for a flight sim forum, so I will not be commenting further.
  2. All the hijackers and some of Urgandas soldiers as well as 4 hostages lost their lives and 245 Kenyans in reprisals - so not such a good result for some. Those who survive write the history as they see it.
  3. Glad to see you up and running. Brian
  4. Just my two penny worth, I am using win 11 and with the latest update 22h2 and have had no issues loading and running MSFS or updating it. So definitely is not a win 11 issue as such. I'd definitely recommend the Microsoft Store version - How to Repair or Uninstall Microsoft Flight Simulator – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com) option that Nick suggested - what have you got to loose? I also read in the MSFS forum that some users have had issues with products they have bought through the store, and these have caused issue similar to the ones you descibed originally. They suggested that re installing the products cleared the issues. As the products from the in game store are stored in the main folder (at least that is waht I understand - correct me if I am wrong here) and not the community one I am wondering if this could be an issue. I have no experience with steam or the steam edition so no comment on that except that it seems like you will have to buy the product again which would not be my personal choice. Brian
  5. Well, your call, and hope it works out. I still think you have a driver or add on corruption issue because you can load the flight in safe mode. The zen desk, which I gave you the url to earlier, is quite specific on that and in fact safe mode (apparently) turns off all add ons. Anyhow as I say whatever you decide and best of luck with it. Brian
  6. You should get the option to load in either safe or normal mode, are you not seeing this option displayed when you start the simlulator?
  7. try the default c150 or something similar, may not be the issue but something else to eliminate.
  8. As Nick says, but BTW please tell me that the aircraft you are trying to start with is a 'default MSFS' a/c and not and add on one.....
  9. Here is some reference to safe mode, which you say works ok: - in essence if you can load flights normally in safe mode then the issue is a third party app somewhere. Re installing the whole is probably not necessary. Use Nick Coopers advice above, not sure what you mean in your text about "BUT my old folder is still sitting in my Xbox game folder, does this matter" but I wonder whether your MSFS is using that community folder (not sure how) but as he suggestes rename it to communityX or whatever. If you can load flights in Safe mode then not in normal the system is picking up a third part add on somewhere or and incompatible driver, have you added any new divices to the sim especially legacy ie older ones ? url https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405893759378-PC-versions-Safe-Mode-FAQ WARNING Your last session of Microsoft Flight Simulator ended unexpectedly. This may be due to installed 3d party content, out of date content, or incompatible drivers. Would you like to continue in Safe Mode? In this mode, 3rd party content will be disabled. If you do not have any issues when Safe Mode is active, then the issue is likely related to 3rd party content. This content can be updated or removed via the Content Manager or the community folder. If the problem persists, try updating out of date content or incompatible drivers. You can also check the forums, or contact customer support. CONTINUE IN SAFE MODE What does booting in Safe Mode do? When launching Microsoft Flight Simulator in Safe Mode, mods from the community folder and third party content from the marketplace will be temporarily deactivated. Do you know which add-on caused my last session to end unexpectedly? There is currently no way to know exactly which add-on or combination of add-ons caused the crash. To find out exactly which add-on caused the crash, you will need to reactivate your Community and 3rd party content one by one.
  10. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go.
  11. Is anyone else finding the P-750 EHSI difficult to see, The modelling of this A/C is really good but the HSI is quite hard to see (small with very small letter) I'm using a wide monitor and 1440 hight and in standard look forward view its a hard instrument to see. I know that Orbx are doing some more updates including the HSI so maybe there is a remedy - or just go to specsavers maybe:-)
  12. Also if you have any anti virus or firewall options set try turning them off and see if that allows access.
  13. you might try rebooting your internet access router (its a bit brutal but simple), that would probably flush the routing tables beyond that we would need to try some IP tests like trace route to see what is going on. have you tried a simple ping to that site address ( do you know how to do that?) Brian
  14. Try https://forum.orbxdirect.com/ - the https is secure and I use win 11 and it is like mother only lets you do things that are safe...... If that doesn't work as Nicj says its an internet config / router issue Brian
  15. Thanks for the feedback Sam, but PCgear don't seem to do a system over 32Gb - seems strange to me but I cannot see one and they are not that close to me in South Melb
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