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  1. I do miss the Bowerman from P3D but great to have Orcas Island in MSFS!
  2. So good to finally have a version in MSFS after many years of flying the original Orbx version in FSX and P3D. It's been a much missed element of the new sim.
  3. A preview of something new coming to Orbx Central
  4. What a great piece of scenery this is!
  5. Great to see Burning Blue Design on Orbx now. This new Denham is another beautiful addition to their collection. A look around Denham followed by a flight in RR232 taking in White Waltham and finishing at Popham, two more of their developments.
  6. Good to spend some time in P3D with this stunning aircraft and some great Orbx scenery.
  7. Yes it's not often you have to consider that the airstrip is actually someone's home! I guess as he was involved in flight testing the sim model he was more than happy to allow us all to land on his strip, lawn and pond! I thought same regarding the POIs and I can't help but think that since Parallel 42 also have the Skypark in their stable that this might be somehow brought in on the Skypad at some point maybe. Would be a great tour! Fingers crossed.
  8. I have a feeling Orbx might be busy with this one today having flown it. Beautiful aircraft.
  9. Love the Dundee scenery, cracking little airport.
  10. Thanks John! Yes I got the basic Reno pack but after flying A2A for years I think I will be holding out for them to release a Mustang and/or T-6 lol The Asobo ones do look nice though.
  11. Thanks! the scenery is just amazing and nice to see the detail in Salzburg
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