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  1. Thanks! the scenery is just amazing and nice to see the detail in Salzburg
  2. Two great airports and a great aircraft to see the scenery in. What a gorgeous sim this can be
  3. Hi, not sure if it is something I am doing wrong but climbed into the Optica this morning having updated to SU6 last night and I don't appear to have a pilot modelled in the external views?
  4. Taking up the fantastic Tutor T.1 for the first time and seeing what RAF Cranwell and Lincoln Cathedral look like.
  5. You should have done! Putting an eggbeater down on Olympus would have made for a very good one!
  6. It's amazing how even the base products can really lift an area from default into being something reminiscent of the real thing. I was there.....almost
  7. Thank you, it’s a cracking add on, great fun and perfect for the scenery of this new sim.
  8. Testing the Optica over London. Perfect sightseeing platform!
  9. This scenery really is one of the gems of flight simming.
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