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Announcing the Emerald Isle's crown jewel, Landmarks Dublin City Pack!

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It's a great news, especially because there is already MK Studios airport with the runway extension project. :P


One question ?

Since more and more sceneries are including shuttles and trains, a huge benefit would be to include the famous DART train.

Apparently it is animated (screenshot #9) ?


Dom Mason


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On 11/15/2022 at 4:04 AM, Orbx said:
  • Animated yellow double-decker buses across the main bridges of the River Liffey





Looks great!

@Orbx Just one point to note, traffic in Ireland drives on the left.
The bus in the second image quoted above is travelling on the wrong side over the Samuel Beckett Bridge. The bus in the bottom of the first pic quoted above is looks to be driving on the pavement and is also travelling in the wrong direction against the one-way system of George's Quay.

Hopefully, two simple fixes to make this an even better product.

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