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    Flight, real and simulated. Sport and WW2 History ETA.

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  1. Fabulous set Pete! Felt I was on me holidays there for a moment! John.
  2. Beautiful shots Bernd to start my day!
  3. Stunners Pete, each and everyone of them! John.
  4. Nice shot Pete! Love the colour of it! John.
  5. Fantastic shots, and great perspective and story! John.
  6. Great pics Adam! Particularly like the last one! John.
  7. Excellent shot and wonderful livery. John.
  8. Just dropped my jaw! What an astounding collection of shots! Thank you! John.
  9. Mmmmmmm, superb, now on to part 2!!! John.
  10. Awesome Adam! Particularly love shot #2. John.
  11. Great shots and information Bernd. Loved it! John.
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