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    Flight, real and simulated. Sport and WW2 History ETA.

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  1. Beautiful shot Graeme! John.
  2. Great set of shots! Totally agree with your comments re roads and people. PilotPlus have done fantastic stuff so far and will no doubt take your comments on board. John.
  3. All these shots are beautiful and make for a lovely trip! Thank you, John.
  4. Dramatic looking shots Scott! John.
  5. Wonderful collection of shots Don and two sporty looking planes. John.
  6. Great shots Pete, beautiful colours and an Aer Lingus to boot! Cheers, John.
  7. Beautiful night shots and while it may be your first shots hopefully not the last. Welcome and thank you for posting. John.
  8. Great shots of a fantastic plane. Are Lingus restored one of these and it can be seen regularly throughout the summer in Ireland. Yearly it does its certification out of Weston airport near Dublin. Congratulations to John Heaton on your 86th birthday!!!!! John.
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