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  1. Seriously the scenery packs just keep getting better. Looping around Ancon hill and out over the Casco Viejo reminds me of some really good ceviche! And the empenadas from a little shop behind Albrook... now I'm hungry lol
  2. Nevermind, on proceeding through checkout in both it looks like Orbx Central is calculating tax in the display price and the website is not. Works out to $50.99 in either after sales tax is applied.
  3. I was looking to pick up the Twotter and noticed it's $47.99 AUD on the website, but $50.99 AUD in Orbx Central. I'm logged in to both so not seeing any special offer price on the website or anything. Assume it's just an error one place or the other and thought I'd point it out.
  4. Same for me, worked fine yesterday before the MSFS update. Now clicking any of the cockpit controls seems to CTD.
  5. Picked this up last night, looks amazing and seems to handle pretty well. I was wondering if you had custom LVARs for the panel switches? They don't seem to be working with the Saitek switch panel and SPADNext using the normal MSFS 2020 simconnect events.
  6. Three of the four Windsocks at LOWI are reading 180 degrees from the actual wind direction. I'm not sure if this is something you guys control with the object parameters or if it's a larger bug with 2020. I've noticed wrong and/or inconsistent socks at other airfields but this is the first time seeing multiple socks with different readings on the same field.
  7. I found the manifests in C:\Users\%username%\appdata\local\temp\Orbx and deleted them. That seems to have gotten Central back on track.
  8. I'm trying to reinstall the AFS2 scenery. Palm Springs is stalled about 90% through the download. If I try to cancel it, Central just changes to display the "cancelling" action but never actually cancels it. If I close and re-open Central it just goes back to the hung download. I left it on overnight trying to cancel and it never finished.
  9. Just curious if anyone knows where the True Earth Great Britain screenshot from the front page was taken? I wanna fly there~ 163fc4.jpg
  10. Not sure how it worked, but I *think* I'm ok now. Tried to cancel the last stuck download attempt and Central dropped out to the login screen. Logged back in, and got an "installed successfully" message. Verified files with no errors and I *think* all the files are there. Manifest problem of some sort maybe where it was actually done installing but the installer progress bar was borked?
  11. central.7z Had to zip it since it's a hundred thousand lines of repeated stalled download progress~ I did just try installing into the X-Plane directory instead of the Library and it's stalling at a different place now for what that's worth.
  12. I just picked up and installed X-Plane a couple of nights ago and decided to give Washington SD a try. Downloading and Installing stalls at "42.58 GB / 43.19 GB" and "Extracted 62009 / 62477". I've tried four times now after canceling and deleting the download cache via the button in Central. I've allowed it to run 12+ hours overnight in case it was actually just running very slowly. I've tried connecting to a VPN endpoint in Germany to hopefully pick up a different CDN. Same behavior and same failure point every time. I am attempting to install into a Library not directly into the Sim Directory. I am running a brand new install of X-Plane with no other customer scenery or applications other than the Libraries and a few airports that DID install normally via Central. I am running v4.0.16 of Central. I have a large collection of P3Dv4 scenery that was installed by Central v3 prior to installing v4 and allowing the install routine to remove v3, however I did not have any X-Plane scenery that had been managed by Central v3. I'm not familiar at all with X-Plane 11 custom scenery but I find it odd that it's failing at the same point. Possible Central's having an issue writing a config file or link to the external scenery library folder into the X-Plane configuration? I am running Central as administrator, and not getting any hits from Windows Defender.
  13. How's the framerate in X-Plane? For some reason Anacortes more than any of the other airports (and I have them all) around Puget sound kills FPS in P3D for me.
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