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  1. Looking at all the footage from the trailer I was nothing but blown out by all of the amazing content.. but now I am just don't know anymore what I was really looking at. If this is going to be a new game the only way I could accept it if the MSFS will be discontinued all together and ASOBO will make sure that all of our addons are compatible with the new Sim. That will be somehow of a bitter-sweet outcome, because as good as they can try, the things will break, and that's for sure. Of course, the FS24 should also be given for free for all of their previous customers. The best outcome for me would be this being a new DLC, with the things like the new environment engine being a free upgrade for everyone and additional content will be a paid upgrade. So, FS24 might be just a rebrand of FS2020 kinda like GOTY was. Now the worst outcome.. FS24 is a brand new game, the team split between the two Sims. One suffers from aging graphics, lacks of support and development and content while other getting milked to its fullest. Your only optional is to own two games that are sharing GB's of the exactly same data - just under the different engine. At this point the whole MSFS is like an Apple, everything looks neat and nicely designed but you need separate Sims if you want to enjoy different things, instead of the base Sim being a sandbox and meeting point for all the different kinds of Simmers. R.I.P. The "One sky" philosophy as well.. Fingers crossed the 3rd option wont came to be the reality. 😷
  2. Interesting, am I the only one person left on this topic who is still waiting for Ukraine update? At least the custom jetways at UKBB would be a really nice update.
  3. Were they corrected? I am yet to check out the update myself, but from the trailers these details appear exactly the same way as they were in the original version.
  4. Congrats with the new post! I wonder how will be the optional features be handled for the Marketplace users? Also, are the both Kiruna and Scandinavian Mountains still planned as a freeware alongside Gothenburg? they were promised a long time ago - but still no further updates on their status. Personally I wouldn't be even bothered if they would be re-classified as a payware. After all you're one of the few Developers out there who brings a lot of wonderful enhancements to already great airports, without even asking a penny.. sometimes even adding things along the way.
  5. At least one of the airports on your wish list already being worked on by another acclaimed developer. Drzewiecki Design has shared a lot of WIP screens of EETN and it feels like it is coming closer down the finish line. Hopefully eventually they will bring their rendition of LUKK (like they did it for all the previous Sims) as well. Personally I am also curious about LWSK. I recall seeing all the way back on the 2022 Orbx pipeline being first on the list. But for some reasons it is dropped dead silent since then. I am wondering if someone's from Orbx have a comment on it?
  6. I saw the latest post about the changes regarding the interiors honestly I am a bit sad, since personally speaking I really enjoy exploring the interiors prior and after the flight. However, I do understand that to have the interiors modeled at such a big airport like Arlanda would require a lot of time and some considerable management to make the performance acceptable. Still, I am not exactly understand how writing the interiors off the roadmap came when the airport already has taken its shape. Hopefully it was a a technical reason rather than the idea "that ratio and focus (of interiors vs air-side) should be the opposite". I think that the Sim has revolutionized the idea of what flightsimming and the add-on airports should look like and seeing the airports modeled from tarmac up to the tiny bar inside the duty-free area is something truly remarkable. The same goes to the fully modeled aircraft cabins. But what I really do find questionable is seeing the issue with the people and developers who do enjoy having the modeled interiors. Sure, everyone is entitled to its own opinion - even the opinion about the product development outside of they own. At the same time I feel like this comment encourages gatekeeping and elitism that's the Flightsim community (the same valid for pretty much every community) been known for so long. Unfortunately some people really have taken this as a some religious standard talking of what and who shouldn't be in the Sim. I don't really think it's necessary to mention "the vermin" every time when a developer decides to not include the modeled cabin or interior. Simply saying what the add-on will be focused on will be enough. It gets even worse and uglier when someone is mentioned "Fly by AI" feature, which personally I find quite amazing in the times when I simply want a relaxing passenger experience. Let's just enjoy the Sim instead of fighting with people who use the Sim in a different ways. Hopefully my comment didn't came as a complain. I know I might be a lone wolf there, but all I wanted is to give my five cents as someone from a different experience.
  7. The progress is just amazing, looking forward to see what you guys have come with! A small question about the control tower - will it have a modeled interior? From the previews the windows appear to be opaque, but at the same time the tower was one of the earliest screenshots provided. Perhaps the things have changed now. A side question about the other Nordic project, ENGM (I know that it is taken by Finn Hasen, and not you - but maybe you have some info about it). A few months ago I discovered that Aerosoft has shown some previews of ENGM, that looks really promising. Because of that I was wonering if ENGM is still planned. I think some competition is important, but when there are two airports of the very similar good quality it becomes really tough Perhaps you could consider to focus on some other Norwegian airports like ENZV or ENBR?
  8. Please, don't forget to add the exclusion rectangles where you placed the antennas to avoid conflicts with the "We Love VFR" freeware. The UK landmarks pack have the duplicates issue because of the missing exclusions.
  9. P.S. I noticed that both ESSB and ESSV got the default file named "ModelLib.bgl" that can potentially cause the Sim issues, and is now recommended to be renamed to a unique name. Was it left there by mistake?
  10. The new ground textures are nothing but marvelous. The old textures were already great but now it looks even better. Only wish MSFS' SDK could make it possible for the Developers to choose between the concrete slab and asphalt textures, and not just applying the default asphalt texture everywhere regardless of the material underneath - this would really be icing on top of the cake. Regarding the pushback trucks at Frölunda I now found the same issue happening at the grass strip adjacent next to Visby airport as well. I was also wondering, since you are currently working on the Landvetter's new terminal, are the observations noted by Swezam back in 2020 being implemented? Perhaps it may sound like the nitpicking for some but I think those observations were well described and thoroughly researched in the aim to bring the terminal closer to its real life look. I think such a great airport deserves to be as realistic as possible. And finally, I hope that the converts of Scandinavian Mountains Airport and Kiruna are coming along nicely - it is not that like we could forget about them either.
  11. I can't believe that you continue to work on the scenery despite the terrible news from Kyiv.
  12. The new update looks amazing! I only wonder if there's really a pushback truck and crew at Frölunda in rea life, I think no Maybe it is possible to remove the ground services?
  13. Fingers crossed there will be also an update for UKBB with the custom jetways and more interior details
  14. I am considering to purchase KSBA, but I have one question left. Does it's still have the default jetways left untouched or have been they upgraded to the custom ones now?
  15. Nice, to see it coming! Could it be possible to include a static Hawker G-MKSS parked there? A small easter egg/reference to the Da Vinci Code movie
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