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  1. Looks great! @Orbx Just one point to note, traffic in Ireland drives on the left. The bus in the second image quoted above is travelling on the wrong side over the Samuel Beckett Bridge. The bus in the bottom of the first pic quoted above is looks to be driving on the pavement and is also travelling in the wrong direction against the one-way system of George's Quay. Hopefully, two simple fixes to make this an even better product.
  2. Good to see that in the time since I raised this, Gran Canaria has appeared from Aerosoft and Copenhagen is now available from FlyTampa. There are still some FlyTampa titles that haven't made it to the Orbx store following this post. LGKR and KLAS for MSFS and LGAV for XP11 all remain unavailable here. Any news?
  3. It's great to see Alexey's work become part of the Orbx portfolio. My interest is picqued by all the previous positive comments about his work. I have a question though. Will he be able to provide updates to his products following any SU or WU that Asobo release? My concern is given the geopoltical issues he faces, buying one of these add-ons doesn't necessarily mean a quick set of updates, nor any updates at all. I would be interested to hear what assurances Orbx management can give that these add-ons won't become essentially become abandonware.
  4. Looking forward to all the updates and ESSA, whenever they're ready.
  5. Yep. I was thinking 737 or Q400 when I said that. Other airliners, e.g. A320 or 747, clearly have two. Yes it is, great addition to airliner realism. Aerosoft Brussels, Aerosoft Gran Canaria and obviously Pryeegue's Belfast that are identified (I'm sure I'm missing more). There are other airport sceneries available elsewhere, but it would be wrong to advertise for alternatives while on Orbx's site.
  6. The captain (as that's the side of the airliner that usually has the steering tiller) guides the aircraft onto stand, following the guidance of the VDGS box, rather than a marshaller. Here's how a real world VDGS operates.
  7. I realise that this topic is subject to confidential commercial agreements. However, I am wondering whether Orbx is *actively seeking* to add missing partner add-ons to the repertoire of products for sale under the Orbx banner? As some examples, these MSFS add-ons are not (yet?) available here: FlyTampa: Las Vegas, Copenhagen Aerosoft: Gran Canaria, Land's End Having accidentally purchased two different add-ons more than once, I've limited all future purchases to just a couple of resellers. As Orbx makes up one half of my vendor choice, it would be great to know that Orbx is making moves to bring all partners' efforts (especially FlyTampa's) to their store.
  8. Unless you live in Russia, you do not directly pay tax to the Russian tax authorities. Orbx should be charging sales tax of the country in which you are resident and remitting it to your local tax authority. Of course, Digital Design will have to pay income taxes on the revenue that they receive from their sales. However, taxed at seemingly between 6% and 15% of the net revenue they receive, you're talking about the equivalent of $2.96 of today's guideline price of US$19.73 (pre-sales tax) that URSS -Sochi retails for on the Orbx website. Up to you whether that precludes you from purchasing. I think that any further debate around the situation in Ukraine falls swiftly into politics.
  9. Firstly, very nice hardware! Second, just no. That's way too much to ask of one GPU, IMO. Some people have been known to reach 16.1 GB of VRAM on an RTX Titan X GPU using just one 4K monitor on the much more VRAM-friendly P3Dv4. I would highly recommend you post your query again on Avsim's "Monitors | Multi-Monitors | Video Cards | Drivers" sub-forum and tag @GSalden. Gerard has a somewhat similar setup to you and has been doing multi-monitor and networked PC arrangements for donkey's years. Yours is a niche example that very few, other than the specialists like him, can help with.
  10. You need to post screenshots of your main P3D settings pages, tell us if you are using lots of AI traffic (air, sea and/or road), what size display you are using and what Affinity Mask settings appear in your Prepar3D.cfg file.
  11. The EGLC and TE GB South combination is the most taxing of my PC, hitting 99% - 100% of CPU on nearly all cores and using up to 9.5 GB on my GPU, which is possibly why on a 10 GB GPU, you OOM before you get anywhere. With a 12 GB VRAM GPU, once Windows 10 takes its share of VRAM processes, I only have 11.1 GB max VRAM to play with. What's your display resolution? That will have a bearing on how much VRAM is used. As will the complexity of the aircraft you are using. I've commented on VRAM and P3D settings here: Also, in P3D's settings, change Image and Texture Quality - Texture Resolution to medium (1024 x 1024) and uncheck Terrain - Use high-resolution terrain textures. While you won't have to necessarily be as drastic as mentioned in the linked topic above with your settings, it's worth having a look to see which of them should be dialled down - at least initially.
  12. Unfortunately, the AI engine is not clever enough to make the arriving aircraft turn and park like they do in real life at EGLC. AI aircraft will always take the shortest route, so even having a one-way system in a loop between taxiway and parking spot does not work. Send your frustrations about this limitation to LM on the Feature Requests section of the Prepar3D forums.
  13. Not a problem. Hope it helps. For anyone else interested, you can do this as follows: In Windows 10, right click on Windows Start icon on Toolbar, then click Run from the menu. Type regedit in the new window's Open field. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers You can copy and paste this in the field under the menu items File, Edit, View, etc. Then follow the rest of the directions as described in the post on Avsim that I linked to earlier in this thread. Here's an illustration of what part of the registry edits should look like: Don't forget to reboot your PC afterwards.
  14. Possible. It boils down to what size display you are running and what your settings are in P3D. Texture size 4096*4096 on a 4K monitor at 4x SSAA, with Enhanced Atmospherics on, all the autogen, shadows, reflections and clouds at high or ultra will absolutely cause VRAM exceedance — some P3D users with extremely high-end PCs can almost reach 20 GB VRAM usage. I posted on a different thread, what settings to change to help avoid a VRAM OOM. On a 1080Ti, you won't need to be as drastic initially with your settings as that post suggests. Yet, it could be that with your sliders pushed towards the right in a complex environment (TE NorCal + KSFO) could be too much for your GPU to deal with at a specific moment in time, when it cannot unload textures quickly enough, e.g. a view change from inside to outside the aeroplane, or a view towards downtown SFO one moment and a turn off the runway to face KSFO's terminal buildings and AI aircraft the next. Have you checked 'Dynamic Texture Streaming' in 'Image and Texture Quality' settings? Can help to reduce texture resolutions and therefore reduce VRAM use, though for some people it can introduce stutters/cause some flickering of certain textures (not that I had those problems). I would still highly recommend adding the two lines to your Registry as mentioned earlier, so long as you are comfortable doing so. Anyway, good to see you back here.
  15. Could be for any number of reasons. One workaround (albeit technical) is this: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/609730-dxgi_error_device_hung-temporary-solution/ It will work for any driver. Also, if you run RTSS (Rivatuner Statistics Server) to limit your frame rate outside the P3D application and/or use it for OSD (Video Card Monitoring Overlay) while using P3D, that is a well-known cause of DXGI errors on *some* PCs. No-one appears to know what the underlying causes of them are, but adding a couple of lines to your Windows registry and/or uninstalling RTSS (if you have it installed) are two very good methods to reduce or eliminate the issue — I haven't had an DXGI issue on either my old GPU or my new one since I made these changes.
  16. Hard to help with limited information. What's your PC hardware? What size display do you have? Which aircraft do you use in your sim? One of the primary benefits of Aus v2 is the "Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape", which will only put more stress on your PC while flying into a big airport like YMML. It's been a long time since I used Aus v1 and P3Dv4, but I used these settings and got OK, but not great, performance using the old PMDG 737NGX (not NGXu). IIRC, something like 22-23 FPS at most, into YMML. That was using a triple monitor setup and on a Ryzen 1700X CPU and GTX 1070 GPU. P3D v5.3 on the other hand is a revelation in terms of performance. While I have significantly upgraded my PC since then, my flights approaching YMML flying over Aus v2's Melbourne Cityscape are now incredibly smooth, even when compared to v5.2. v5.3 Screenshots (check the FPS counter in the top right corner of each pic): Sydney: https://i.imgur.com/SJC6DBf.jpg https://i.imgur.com/qBlGrT8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dkNyIgf.jpg Melbourne: https://i.imgur.com/032G7AE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/HmoWYW0.jpg Current settings (with 'kitchen sink' thrown at my PC): https://i.imgur.com/q0PhClW.png https://i.imgur.com/AVNzC5p.png https://i.imgur.com/fjKsEQD.png https://i.imgur.com/0VhnfSt.png
  17. You can run v5 on an 8 GB GPU, but displaying at 4K will probably cause you to exceed the VRAM budget quite easily and give you lots of OOMs. Also, I imagine that running P3D at 4K, you wouldn't want to put your P3D settings to 'low'. Therefore, it probably makes more sense for you to go for a slower card with more VRAM.
  18. @petakas Part of the problem is that you are running an 8 GB VRAM GPU on a 3440 * 1440 monitor. That's a lot of pixels for P3D v5 to display and use up your VRAM. I was struggling with my widescreen monitor and an 8 GB GPU before I exchanged it for a 12 GB video card. That said, I could just about run medium settings for TrueEarth GB South, while flying a payware airliner into Aerosoft's Heathrow with weather and AI traffic on my old GPU. It requires a balance of settings to not exceed the VRAM budget. I think the latest version of P3D (v5.3 hotfix 1) is slightly better at VRAM management than previous versions. Just for your information, the PMDG 737 uses lots of VRAM. PBR textures, complicated instruments and the EFB will use up a lot of your budget. GSX also uses PBR textures, so will take another part of your VRAM, as will changing views - especially internal to external or vice-versa. I noticed in your video that you went from 7.1 GB VRAM used to 6.6 GB. Try shutting down any unnecessary programs and process outside of P3D. Windows take some of your VRAM (usually at least 0.9 GB of your card) to run other processes. Some suggestions for your P3D settings pages. Uncheck the 'Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation' box Turn off 'Dynamic Lighting' during daytime Check the 'Mipmap VC panels' box Cloud resolution to 'Low' Water detail to 'Low' Uncheck 'Clouds' under reflections for Water Shadow quality to 'low' Road vehicles traffic slider to 0% You should then be able to perform the same flight as in your video and be able to complete it without a crash. If so, you may be able to start increasing the details in your P3D settings. Here are my settings from when I was running three monitors on a GTX 1070 GPU - although admittedly well before the introduction of Enhanced Atmospherics under weather settings (which also uses a lot of VRAM). https://i.imgur.com/3QRYxlm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/089siOC.jpg https://i.imgur.com/zR1GaTK.jpg And this is what that looked like in my sim: https://i.imgur.com/r1WHBxv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/lKz14W2.jpg Running P3D v5 on an 8 GB VRAM GPU can be done, but as always with flight simming, one needs to make compromises.
  19. See here: https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002557376-Blocks-and-or-Night-Textures-in-Orbx-Global-Base-or-openLC-Scenery
  20. Straight from the first news item on the Prepar3D website: Some performance improvement has been noted by a few people over on the Avsim forums.
  21. Yes... yes, it is! Quick question: What are 'CityEngine' buildings and are they different from the usual Buildings HD / TrueEarth buildings autogen in order to preserve performance?
  22. Hoping that Cityscape Sydney (P3D), TrueEarth Eastern Alps (P3D) and Landmarks City Packs for Dublin and Melbourne (MSFS) are all still on their way to us soon™. Plus a cheeky request to see if TE Southern Spain could be 'ported' (I know it's not) across to P3D as well.
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