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  1. any previews or update on Great Britain south
  2. hi viacheslav hope you and family are well are you making egnx any preview pics please thank you
  3. i really hope they correct this and hope they do a good job of uk south if and when it comes
  4. i paid $14.39 AUDis that right with discount thanks
  5. can you explain becouse i puchased dundee 3 weeks back for xplane11 now i am only useing mfs2020 and have deleted xplane 11 i have just purchased dundee for mfs2020 with no dicount Transaction ID: 60023aece0898 thanks
  6. please tell me that the baggage car and driver are ai and not static at last drivers in ground traffic looking nice
  7. hi orbx will we get moving bus and catering trucks fuel trucks etc as many orbx airfields do not have many for xplane
  8. please can we have a update the radar tower does not rotate and please can we have a remove all static aircraft in control panel thanks
  9. can you please turn off wind turbines as they are rotateing to fast thanks
  10. hi does egnx come with a tool to remove static aircfaft ?
  11. please can we have a option in control panel to remove static aircraft thanks
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