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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#28) (March 20)

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Hi all. Most Forum readers are of an age where we can look back over long lifetimes. That fact gives rise to this week's topic.


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: If you could go back and reset your life, what dominate characteristic would you choose?


A. RICH  poverty | Pithy Pontifications     B. INTELLIGENT  Cartoon Albert Einstein Caricature, HD Png Download is free transparent png  image. To explore more similar hd image on PNGi… | Caricature, Albert  einstein, Einstein    C. HANDSOME   image.jpeg.f19de6b28efd8c56b785df0ce6e690fd.jpeg


D. ATHLETIC    UK soccer stars may sue betting companies over player data profits |  Engadget    E. RELIGIOUS   image.jpeg.d317d3337e3779e7b758865555d7b22f.jpeg    F. LIKEABLE   Toddler locks himself in car, laughs with delight as firefighters rescue him

G.  NONE OF THE ABOVE    image.jpeg.be704a4626f568ff3991344973c598af.jpeg   H.  ALL OF THE ABOVE  Handsome Pig Pigs



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H, I would say plus all the rest of the alphabet (-G)  :lol:

You need to get old to realize how many things one should have profited and valued and how many ones are gone with the wind

If they were to be reset most important ones to keep when all these are back would be wisdom, experience, maturity so you use the second chance with major gratitude.



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44 minutes ago, adambar said:

Well, I would want to start off by being a quarterback in the NFL and make 100+mil for 3 or 4yrs, retire and everything else would just fall into place the way I see it. :D

Ah that sounds great Adam.

But all I want is to win lotto without 

the exercise.:(



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