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  1. Pushback Toolbar can reportedly cause memory leaks that can affect the sim If you have it, uninstall it and see what happens.
  2. A320 Pilot on YouTube has a series of tutorial videos. He is a RL 3e20 driver.
  3. Thanks. Only airport that causes CTD.
  4. Every time I try to load at EIDW, the sim crashes. I have uninstalled it through Central. I have add-ons installed through Central in G:/Orbx Library/MSFS. Community is M:/MSFS/Community, I know there is a method to rename Community and then let MSFS create a new one and then install EIDW there. Will that work with the way I have things set up?
  5. Somewhere there is a slow motion video of Secretariat running. The muscles rippling, the power in the legs. Amazing.
  6. I have views pretty much as I want them. I don't have an Xbox controller. Playing around with sensitivities trying to get controls right. I guess it I will figure it out. No hurry, though, P3d is still a very viable, more mature platform.
  7. I'm having rudder issues with CH Pro Pedals. Much too sensitive, unable to hold center line on takeoff. Takes awhile to get cameras and other controls set up correctly.
  8. Drama? It's more like life or death with most of those people on the PMDG forum. When they aren't thanking Randazzle for every blessing he gives them or dying by the minute until the release.
  9. Do I presume that all Orbx efforts are pointed at MSFS and P3d is being left behind? If that is the case, why doesn't Orbx just say so.
  10. I fully agree that the support forums should remain open with tickets used for personalized help. BUT I also think that closing them is more in line with the latest thinking by Orbx , which is to basically ignore the old time users (buyers) and concentrate on the new profit streams afforded by MSFS and Xbox.
  11. Yes, I have. It's about the only thing I use MSFS for.
  12. Party lines on the telephone. Radio shows, not just music. Stick shifts on almost every car.
  13. I think these sort of problems can only be remedied by Asobo.
  14. Here they are: scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  15. I thought you said to removed the Orbx folder from the F drive? This what is in it.
  16. OK. What about the other one, should I just keep it?
  17. I have an Orbx folder in the P3d v5 root folder n my F drive as described above. The Orbx Library is on my G folder. There is also an Orbx folder on that drive that contains what is on the F drive along with several other folders that contain empty folder with the exception of a Scripts folder that contains numerous folders with items in them as well as several files. There is also a SODE Data folder with Orbx filers in it and a Troubleshooter folder.
  18. Who knows? I turned ff my computer last night adn when I turned it on this morning, P32ds v5 was recognized by Central and synced with no problems. The second half of my post above still needs an answer.
  19. I installed P3d 5.3 following Nick's guidelines. Seems to have installed correctly, but Central does not recognize P3d in the drop down, only MSFS. I don't think any Orbx scenery is loaded (is there a specific scenery to test?). I also found a leftover Orbx folder in the P3ds root. It had a several of folders in it. One was FTX_AU, which had an FTXAA_ORBXLibs folder, with a scenery folder inside that contained OF_Config.xml. Another was FTX_GLOBAL, which had FTX_AA_ESKS inside. There was also a Config folder with esks-config.json inside. The other was Scripts with orbx_cpl_ESKS.xml inside. What should I do with these?
  20. I found that afer I posted, thanks. I was also wondering about other add-ons. Does reinstalling remove non-Orbx add-on airports?
  21. P3d recommends a complete reinstall. For the past several updates, I'v only don client. What does a full reinstall mean for Orbx and other addons? Would I have to reinstall everything?
  22. Just like MS, changing things for the sake of changing things. And, of course, you have to use the Xbox app to do it. I don't use Xbox, never have, never will. L
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