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  1. Impressive list - for a few of us remaining XP devotees (Essendon was nice) what are chances of an XP version of the Alaskan Mesh?
  2. For me the Orbx zenith was the TE sceneries, the backbone of my "custom sceneries" folder. Now the scenario has changed and, like it or not, we bite the bullet and move on.
  3. Pete - fifth/second and first from the bottom -super IMHO. Gotta quit - keyboard's starting to melt. Dave
  4. Although still on my self imposed "break", couldn't resist this. Not many here realize you probably understand as much/often more in flight sim graphics than our hosts.
  5. Likewise with 'Renault', a favorite in FSX would love to see it in the current sims.
  6. I like your black borders and what's between them is super good too.
  7. No, nothing on the horizon with me but I'm getting lonely here as an XP'er.
  8. From the 'imoji's', John's comment could be misinterpreted - your shots are in the top tier here and I defy anyone who doesn't agree.
  9. Here I might interject something about XP11 but it would be fruitless - not long for this neck of the woods.
  10. The engine is a Renault (Pete) inverted four banger.
  11. According to Wiki, a really hot ship - won world speed record for its class. 180 mph on 150 hp - if I had gone that fast in a 150 hp Pacer the wings would have swept - prior to their coming off .
  12. See you're from or at the Blue Mountains - reminds me of an old horse movie with Sigrid Thornton, one of my youthful sweethearts.
  13. Since going with MSFS your shots have plateaued towards the sky.
  14. Nice repartee with the viewers Pete. Your lighting proves up your theories and investigation but what is that thing with the conning tower at the dock?
  15. You can always click on 'M' then click on your plane. When it turns yellow maneuver it to where the good scenery is and 'Bob's yer uncle'.
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