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  1. If you purchase Bathurst (YBTH) airport, that was released a few years ago, on top of Australia V2, you get a pretty good representation of Mt Panorama. Do a search on this forum and you will see some pix. eg: Aussie
  2. If you purchase Bathurst (YBTH) airport, that was released a few years ago, on top of Australia V2, you get a pretty good representation of Mt Panorama. Do a search on this forum and you will see some pix. Aussie
  3. Nice shots. Curious your AC is the only object producing shadows at Christchurch.
  4. Well done John. Thank you A very nice video. I particularly appreciate the low flight over the Kalgoorlie and Boulder centres after take off. It is well constructed scenery for the airport, and the surrounds, with nice detail in the trees and dry foliage. The sky in the video looks familiar to me with the area having just an average of 11 inches (270mm) of rain in a year. Thanks again. Aussie
  5. Weird colours Brad. Have you done google search for the 'Super Pit Kalgoorlie' ? Heaps of images there. Maybe the mesh is offset to one side? I must say, having lived in Kal for many years, I have never seen a sky in any of the images like that? Is that a defect in MSFS or REX Weather Force? Aussie
  6. I apologize Anna, I did not realize the situation for Eugene. I will keep my head down and will be patient. Stay safe.
  7. Thank you for the update Anna but, did I miss where the long awaited Asia scenery development is for the the P3d Flight Simulator? I'm sure those P3d developers are disappointed they did not even get a mention in an Orbx release? Seems to be all about the continuously, fault correcting, MS Scenery Simulator, or the Xbox Game, without multiscreen capability? Imagine if Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word had been released to business in the same state? There would have been an uproar from the users. Instead, users put up with 60Gb 'development updates'. I have to admit though, screen captures from the MSFS Simulator are great, but I think the package is a long way from being accepted as a true interfaceable Flight Simulator like the Lockheed Martin P3d. My opinion.
  8. I believe it is the 'Siding' Springs Observatory Ken
  9. This is a screen grab of me parked at Gate 5. Are you sure you haven't modified the parking positions with GSX at some stage? Maybe you need to press 'verify files' for YSCB in Orbx Central. Do you have Orbx Canberra City as well? If you installed it last then P3d may be using that AFCAD file? Aussie
  10. I was welded to Version v4.5HF3 for a long time due to how good it ran with most of the Orbx packages. I finally bit the bullet and jumped to Version 5.2 then HF1. As John says, it is well worth the investment. Things are a lot smoother. Aussie
  11. I noticed this effect when changing from v4.5HF3 to v5.2HF1. I'm a fan of your waves Larry and I had to make sure I re-installed it when upgrading the library from 4 to 5 in Orbx. It does not happen all the time but does get your attention. I thought it was related to the sun's direction. I would be interested in getting a copy of the file if anyone has time to fiddle with it. Aussie
  12. Personally, I have all of the P3d Aussie airports but I don't fly from YBBN too often, as it is frame intensive on my B737 system. (not like the YBCG/ Gold Coast combo which I enjoy at about 20FPS low level). I did a low level test circuit from YBBN, before I bought Brisbane City so that I could compare the view. I noted that I had 15FPS at YBBN and when I was over the city, in sight of YBBN, about 18FPS. I installed Brisbane and the same circuit brought my system to 15FPS. As I move away and gain altitude, I get to my set 30FPS. The view is very good however, and well worth the $9. Aussie
  13. My white lines slowly disappeared as i mucked around with various setting in V5.2HF1. So I don't know what got rid of them. I'll attach my settings. Just a reminder, I have four screens in surround View Group, all at 1920 by 1080. I also use a RTX GeForce 2070 Super. In Nvidia I have told it to use the application settings. I may have changed the Mesh resolution or the Tessellation Factor?
  14. I found this interesting today. 14,683 kilometres. The flight also marks a milestone moment for Darwin Airport, which will become the first airport in Australia — and one of very few in the world — to have received non-stop flights from all six permanently inhabited continents. A trip to try in the Sim? Qantas's longest-ever commercial flight bringing stranded Australians home from Buenos Aires - ABC News
  15. I have the same tears at the Orbx scenery joins as well. All over the world. Even out to sea on approach. General start at about 20 miles out and some heal as they get closer. I'm on v5.2HF1. Had them since going from v4.5HF3 to a new install of V5.2. If I pause my 737, they heal up in about 10 seconds. A bit annoying. Good to know if there is a solution. Aussie
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