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  1. YBCG works well for me on P3d V6 as well. Runs smoother. This is achieved by letting V6 find the Orbx scenery using the "Discovery" method, pointing to the V5 library. The only problem I have, is that there is a region of land displaced about 10km off the coast. I'm also unsure if the old Orbx AU texture files (from v4 days when the region was made) are not as efficient as the new default V6 tiles (now hidden by the Orbx region and airports). Still looking forward to when Orbx lets us install the individual scenery packages we have licensed, into V6. Aussie
  2. OK, so we have "bought a license" to use the product Wolfko. The product clearly says it is usable in P3d V6. Now what?
  3. Thank you for the update.
  4. Thanks, George, for the update. Great news about the upcoming Orbx Central V6 version. As you say, a great steppingstone. Once that is implemented, we are looking forward to any updates about the individual scenery packages (their usefulness and compatibility in V6) as they are tested with Orbx Central. Aussie
  5. It is amazing the amount of official silence on this issue. 🤔 A bit frustrating for people that check every day. Another month has passed after Orbx's only official comment on the forum. I believe it would be nice to have an update on the words "we are now considering". I presume they have now 'considered'. Maybe they could update their customers on their considerations? Aussie
  6. Many years ago, when I was in the RAAF, we were on the way to Antartica in a C-130 Herc, flying, via a planned Christchurch overnight stopover. This stop over became longer. Each day, the USAF gave a weather briefing and if it was bad at our destination on the ice, we had to delay another 24 hours as there was a point of no return. After 3 days of this, our Herc crew said they needed to run the engines, so they planned an anti-clockwise trip around the South Island. We hoped in, and after takeoff the loadie opened the back ramp and we began the low-level trip. As a photographer, I spent most of the time sitting on the back ramp, feet over the edge, snaping away. Relevant to your screen captures, after Greymouth, we flew low-level, tracking from the coast, up the Franz Josef Glacier (spectacular) keeping a look out for tourist helos, over the top, around Mt Cook and back down the Fox Glacier to the coast. It took about 2 hours to circumnavigate the South Island. Very memorable. Your shots certainly capture the view in that area. Aussie
  7. I am away from my Sim at the moment, and I forget the actual name of the second shaders folder that I deleted (following V6 updating advice on a clip, on YouTube). I think it was something like 'shadersHSL' but don't quote me on that. Just leave it at the single Shaders folder for now. BTW: Just watched the Matilda's sudden death penalty shoot-out against France. Nail biting. 7-6 in a 20-penalty spectacular. Aussie
  8. Just making sure - you have deleted the two shader folders, as detailed in the installation instructions? (Plus deleting the cfg file?) I have yet to install the patch as I am waiting until I have a good clear downloading time. Aussie (Come on the Matildas)
  9. I have recently purchased SLC v1.6. I am still testing it and it seems OK. I haven't had it crash mid-flight as yet. (P3d V6, Prosim B738) I have never used PACX so can't comment. Aussie
  10. They are very active at HARS. If you have a quick look at Facebook, you will see they have been very busy recently, including the last weekend with their Orion and Neptune. They are also intending to retrieve the ex-John Travolta 707. An interesting ongoing story. (2) Facebook Aussie
  11. Timmo, You need to re-read RoPol471's message above: "On Path=C:\ "Orbx LIBRARY" should be replaced with the name of your Orbx library for P3d v5. If your Orbx library is not located in C:\ it must be replaced with the letter where the Orbx library is installed." If your library is located in G: then replace the C drive letter with the letter where the Orbx library is actually located. Make sure the full address is correct. It does not matter where your old P3d v5 is located. Just as long as all your Orbx products are located in a library - not within P3d v5. If they were installed into V5 directly, then now a chance to go into Orbx Central and then move each one, to your separate Library. You will see where they are located when you click and look at each of your products. If they are in P3d V5, then there should be a button to press to move them to the Library. Aussie
  12. I just tried your method this afternoon and I then acknowledged all of the Orbx items (over 100 clicks) on start-up of P3d. It works great! I'm just working my way through over 100 sceneries/airports in my Orbx library and testing them. A few flights between local airports and all seem fine. There are a few layering problems with True Earth items in Europe and looking at the Scenery library, it is a bit of a mess. The discovery then import seems to have inserted every second Orbx item between an existing item. Otherwise, I am very happy. The frame rate seems to be good. Thank you for your explanation. Aussie.
  13. 🤥 Does the simple 'Discoverypath' method really work? Are there any downsides? Object Flow works? Trees? I seem to remember that a couple of V5 products could only be installed into the sim. I can't remember what they were. I'm looking forward to trying that method. I presume it is reversable when Orbx Central is updated. Aussie
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