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  1. TrueEarth Northern Cal, Southern England and Southern Cal for the last shot
  2. Been a while, hope you are all doing great! London Police patrol passing Canary Wharf on its way to City airport
  3. Paris business district viewed from the west with all the landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe, Louvres museum...) in the background
  4. This post is more than 2-years old now! To be fair I don't remember exactly what I did but there was a mix of deleting some of the AS tiles that were overlapping with TE GB around EGLL and editing some others in Photoshop to adjust the contrast and brightness to get them blend better with the surrounding tiles from Orbx. Hope this helps!
  5. Last but not least as we say! My best wishes for this new vintage Iain and keep safe
  6. My contribution for this last month last day last hour almost last minute of the year... A symbol of EU keeping ties with the UK and avoiding a last minute bird strike Happy new year to all
  7. Thanks all, I am glad to see that an XP11 shot can still win this contest! Yes MSFS is beautiful but don't bury the old chap too quickly
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