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  1. Thanks for the update Marcus! Looking forward to Bromma.
  2. Great shots! Particularly like the 8th one with the row of terraces in the foreground. Feels like a very Northern scene!
  3. I'm no developer but I'd imagine if We Love VFR are able to do it, Orbx should be able to also. Nevertheless I'd rather keep the We Love VFR models as they are far higher quality than the Orbx pack. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  4. That's fair enough, thanks for helping anyway! Sorry for any confusion!
  5. That is rather strange! They don't appear that way at all in the sim. Hopefully they are just bugged then? I'm still feeling quite underwhelmed to be honest. Me and a friend just did a flight around most of the major cities in Yorkshire and him and me both were really not that impressed. At least it does add some life to world though where there's only autogen.
  6. Nick - please accept my apologies. It was another add-on. It was the We Love VFR add-on from flightsim.to. I did not realise it added in models like this. Please feel free to edit my original title/topic to amend to this effect if appropriate. Still, in the same vein, is there any way to remove things like this some landmarks so we don't this clash? Obviously the other add-on models are far greater in quality so I'd prefer to use those if possible. Please see my comment above @Seanmo. To be clear, I incorrectly pointed out the models were Asobo's. However, conversely this might even be a more laughable situation with the creator being a single person freeware developer, who's add-on has been out since even Oct 2020!
  7. Hi, I noticed there are some locations covered by the GB Central pack that have also been done by Asobo. Is there a way to disable these locations and just allow the Asobo ones? For example here at RAF Menwith Hill: The Orbx models not only are extremely poor but also in the wrong place. I imagine this is probably not the only location. As a side note - a bit of feedback I'd like to give to Orbx is that overall, having explored a small portion of the pack, I feel quite underwhelmed by the quality of modelling. This is only highlighted even further by the picture above. Appreciate the price of the pack is very reasonable for the quantity of content and for that reason it seems somewhat acceptable but considering Asobo are covering what looks like a similar number of landmarks in their world updates, which also include airports at a payware quality, for no cost, I feel Orbx somewhat need to up their game. Also compared even to other Orbx city packs I feel this falls down a bit in the quality department, to a degree. I have also mentioned in another thread too, another thing I would have like to have seen is a landmark 'tag' added to some (or all) of the locations. Useful for finding not only in the world map but makes for great flybys, as the smart camera can easily lock on to locations tagged as a landmark and with this pack being touted for 'low and slow' flyers, I think this would make the experience even better. It is nice however to see more added to the North as we are somewhat lacking in photogrammetry and other additions up here.
  8. Agree, seems like a solid job! Price point very surprising too. Just had a flight around the Leeds area. Personally, I'd like to see some or all of the buildings marked as 'landmarks' within the sim. Because they are not it means we are unable to use the smartcam to lock on to them when doing flying around or past, which I think is always very useful when doing some low and slow sightseeing.
  9. @Puukka Did you try this button: @Nick CooperThere does not appear to be any improvement as of this update:
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