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  1. Amazing set! The new mesh looks great!!
  2. Stunning shots! I miss flying in Concrete! I remember spending hours flying around and exploring the area back in the days of FSX! I need to add this to my Msfs airport list
  3. Love the RV-14A! Nice clouds, very atmospheric
  4. Very nice livery indeed and KSBA is also one of my favourite airports. Great shots!
  5. Thank you all!! I totally agree with you! Hehehe I love this song Thank you! It was one of my last additions to msfs, I'm enjoying it a lot Thank you! It is the VAN's RV 14-A by SimWorks Studios, very nice model KSBA is one my fav Orbx airports I just posted a video here on Video forums showing the app and landing, it was amazing
  6. Incredible view of KSBA and surrounding area with nice cloud formations and rain on short final.
  7. I took this screenshot last night as soon as I landed at KSBA. It was raining on approach, which made it possible for me to observe a beautiful view while on the downwind leg and on final approach. It was one of the most exciting approaches I've done so far on msfs - I recorded a video and will post it soon to share that moment
  8. That rusty barn find flies very well! I tested it yesterday and had a great flight Very nice shots John
  9. Hey mate Thank you! we can now enjoy the msfs potential : )
  10. My first video in 4K with my new pc, landing at KSBA
  11. Landing at KSBA with C152 after SU5. Everything looks superb plus great performance so far
  12. Thanks for the kind words, glad you all enjoyed!
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