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  1. Hi Contrails69, Please see the KBUR V2 release announcements. If you purchased it at the Microsoft Markeplace you will have to wait until it updates there. Go to your Content Manager in MSFS to see available updates for your products. Hope that helps. Gary
  2. Looking good Adam, I'm picking her up now!
  3. Yeah Matt I honestly didn't realize how much I enjoyed them, and how much I miss them now because they aren't all there anymore. The PNW is so special to me, as well as to so many others I am sure, because it was Orbx's first USA product(s). I was so impressed by what Orbx did with that area that my family and I made several vacations up there and I visited Snoqualmie Falls because it was depicted in the Fall City scenery as well visted the Squamish, Friday Harbour, Anacortes, Concrete, and Darrington areas. I was blown away by the fact that Orbx sceneries were so accurate. Oh let me not forget about Skagit Regional airport area too. MSFS is definitely good, but Orbx would truly make that entire area better! Let's keep our fingers crossed, lol
  4. Not sure if it's already been asked but thought I'd ask just to know. I know there's a lot in the works with Orbx and it's great to see them churning out scenery for MSFS. I have moved to it and haven't touched P3D in months. Sure there are tons of planes that I miss and scenery too. In particular being able to jump from Orcas Island to Friday Harbor to Anacortes to Skagit Regional. Any plans to add those airports for MSFS? And yes the graphics and performance for MSFS 2020 are awesome for me. That's the main reason why I haven't been able to look back. Gary
  5. I agree Brad(ba43) and I also agree with Brad B. Just as Brad B stated, I haven't had many issues with its performance, and to my own surprise, I have not touched any of the other sims in the last 6 months. It's buttery smooth for me, and as more add-ons have been introduced, the visual experience has been stunning. However to your point Brad, there are some issues with some of the scenery areas that maybe Asobo could use some input from Orbx and their expertise as to how to overcome these issues. There's always room for improvement. That way each party gets to show off their strengths and get better for all of us. Avid flight sim enthusiast, desiring to get the most out of the hobby. Gary
  6. Very sad to hear but a from scratch version would be a phenomenal thing to happen! Fingers still crossed
  7. MSFS2020 has done an amazing job with my home state of Florida. I can fly around the Tampa Bay area and spot almost everything just as I would from the air in a Piper Arrow( the plane I fly in RL). MSFS hasn't been quite as generous to the PNW region though, so that's where I as well as many others on this thread are hoping that our friends at Orbx will hopefully jump in!
  8. I will chime in and say my flights in and out of the PNW are few and far between in MSFS2020 compared to in P3D. I got spoiled with Squamish, Anacortes, Friday Harbor, Orcas Island and Skagit Regional in P3D. It was a really picturistic short hop flying into Squamish from any of these airports as well as from Concrete and Darrington. I hope it's in the plans for sometime soon.
  9. Seems more like it was mentioned as a wishful thought but no definitive reply from any of the Orbx team. I wonder if it will stay as such, a mention or discussion but no clear answer as to whether it will be done or not. Gary
  10. Looking good as always EMMS! Super shots for sure!
  11. Really nostalgic looking shots Richard!! Fantastic screenies!!
  12. Iain is the screen shot King! Hail to the King!
  13. #3 and #4 are just stunning!! Nice shots. Out of curiosity why aren't the pilots showing?
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