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  1. Did anyone else notice the upside down lettering in pic 11? Great set of shots Ibenik
  2. I was looking at the MSFS 2020 support page and happened to notice that there hasn't been a new post since Feb which seems unlikley but just thought I'd point it out, now it may be on my end only but I can't really see that somehow . Interesting as reading elsewhere people seem to be asking for help etc just not here it seems lol Anna Cicognani February 8 answered Converting MSFS Marketplace items to Orbx Central? By Beer Citizen, February 3 4 replies 477 views Nick Cooper February 3 Southern Cross By Mademu11, February 3 0 replies 187 views Mademu11 February 3 answered KTIW ILS final approach course alignment By spanx, January 30 18 replies 353 views Gulfstreamtwo February 3 answered World Update VII for Australia - Compatibility of the Orbx Australian sceneries? By Wingding65, January 28 13 replies 1.3k views greybeard February 3 active WSSS (Changi) - Cloudsurf Asia Simulations - Trees on runways and taxiways By dutchsim, January 24 5 replies 241 views dutchsim February 2 answered MSFS Australia update By Sirius, February 2 1 reply 373 views John Dow February 2 answered WU7 Brisbane By rick66, February 1 msfs2020 2 replies 413 views Harry320 February 2 active LGSM - Samos - Bad runway 09 textures By Andrea Pascucci, January 17 7 replies 296 views Andrea Pascucci February 2 noted LIEO: Static aircraft in Olbia Costa use very low quality textures By fahdriyami, January 2 10 replies 391 views mburkhard February 2 active Drzewiecki EPMO - no static planes By rafgath, December 24, 2021 6 replies 290 views rafgath February 1
  3. Nice set of shots Ibenkc, I think I'll have to visit it now you've shown us some of what's there Cheers
  4. Hi Anna sounds like you guys are super busy, just wondering if there is any chance of fixing ypjt being that ms has destroyed. even if you ported the P3d version over as that is way better than what we have now which looks nothing like what it does irl. thanks for reading this and I like others will wait and see what unfolds.
  5. Hi Guys thanks for the responses re the mess made to Jandakot, Perth cbd and bridges on the swan river near Freo. Whilst I know it's not Orbx's fault and I know they are a busy bunch, it would be great if they could find a way to port over or redo YPJT to the level in P3d which would be a HUGE Improvement on what we have now. As for Doug's suggestions I did those and it made no dif to what I see sorry mate. as for nbrich1's suggestions it helped a little but the bridge looks like it's been nuked the Photogrammetry is destroying so many things it's not funny, even flying by the bridge in Sydney it looks like a giant spiderweb under half of the bridge no idea what that's about either. I love this sim and it is going to improve I just wish they would try and sort out some of these things before pushing them out to the end user (US) Rant over for Now
  6. Hi Guys I am not normally one to ask such a question but here goes and don't shoot me down in flames. I have most if not all of Orbx's products for P3d and MSFS so have been using for a while but when I heard that Perth and Jandakot were getting some work done in msfs and also found out Orbx was doing poi I thought yes! finally we are going to get some improvements for my home state. Having updated everything I fired up my sim tonight and had a look at Cairns and thought very nice job guys, I then hopped over to Jandakot YPJT and thought what have they done!!!!!!!! it looks nothing like it, it has a huge tower and loads of big hangars and looks nothing like the first airport that Orbx did way back when plus an update in the interim. I then flew up to perth and yes they have done a decent job on the city but flying past the waca ground only to see the new bridge covered in trees!!!!! okay lets get to Perth airport and flying in all looked good until I saw the control tower which looks like it's been nuked!! it's terrible. Now If Orbx had anything to do with this update they surely can't be proud of destroying one of their creations YPJT the way it has been and the poi's in perth they should hang their heads in shame because it is definitely not up to their usual level of work and if it's not them can they see if it can be fixed because it is bad really bad and I wouldn't want my good name being ruined by things like this. also I haven't been anywhere else yet but I'll check as I go, also I don't think I'm the only person to notice these problems. Rant over
  7. Great set Lain, I just got this aircraft but sadly can't fly it as my Saitek yoke has just died and as I have a fully enclosed pit I have to half dismantle it to get it out and another one back in
  8. Thank You John my 4 year old Granddaughter was thrilled to see Santa and all the reindeer flying it made her day ;-)
  9. Nice set of pictures Adam, love the V Tail where did you find that one mate?
  10. Nice one mate I used to live there until I moved to Australia
  11. Hi I too got this scenery add on today and for the most part it's really well done, but I also found that above the town of darwen that the Jubilee tower is still missing, I did mention this when they brought out the sceneries for the whole of England/Scotland and wales. While I understand they can't put everything into the scenery this tower is a major vfr point of reference. All in all this pack will enhance my flying but if at some point it's revisited then it would be nice to see it there.
  12. Some really great shots there Carlos well done
  13. Great Video Mate really enjoyed it
  14. Out of curiosity where would one find said scenery cache sir?
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