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  1. Just 45 minutes from Cairns by fast catamaran, Green Island is a beautiful 6000 year old, small rainforest covered coral cay, located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
  2. Many thanks for your kind comments, my friends !!
  3. Aaah, finally it has landed on Orbx's site. I need to get it now for some sightseeing tonight Great shots, Johnny!!
  4. A friend of mine served as pilot with the Canadian Air Force in Germany. He was based in the Black Forest at the Canadian air force base near the city of Baden-Baden and flew the Starfighter. One of these planes was CAF666, serial # 104666, a dual operational aircraft, which was not only highly unpopular with mechanics, it was also hated for its persistent unreliability by pilots throughout its service life. My friend told me that pilots called it “Jet from Hell”, while the mechanics referred to it as “Hangar Queen”. As no one was really keen flying the plane, it had only flown 50 hours in its last four years in service. CAF666 had its last flight on March 5, 1975, when shortly before take-off to a routine flight from Baden-Soellingen to France, one of the two brand-new main tires exploded at 190 knots. And, to make matters worse, the canopy didn’t jettison properly, so the two pilots remained in the plane until it had skidded to a halt in a field behind the runway. Then both were able to climb out of the wreckage, fortunately unharmed. This is the plane in question, CAF666, parked at Baden-Soellingen Air Base. Luckily, I had a wonderful flight from here to Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance I like that shiny design Let’s get outta here FL520. Now, that’s much better Over Lake Constance Long final into Friedrichshafen
  5. Many thanks, Gerold. More will come Thanks a lot, Adam
  6. These look magnificient, Adam !!
  7. Thanks, Graeme for your kind comment Many thanks buddy I'm glad you like them, John Same here! I have all of their sceneries and like you I hope we can get the Mt. Cook one soon Hahaha, I'll do my very best, sir
  8. Absolutely superb. Thanks for sharing with us!
  9. Established in 1841, Nelson is the oldest city in NZ’s South Island and is located on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay. The airport is primarily used for domestic flights and is the fifth-busiest in New Zealand by passenger numbers. During scheduled hours a plane lands or takes off around every four to five minutes. Before we can park our car, we need a ticket A few more people around here would be nice They even have an old Morgan on display. Very nice!! Btw, all the photos of New Zealand you see here in the terminal are animated, they change every few seconds or so. Very impressive! Ok, let’s find our ride for today Ok, not this one it seems Now, this one would be super cool, but its door is closed Then we see someone near that Baron is waving at us Ok, the Baron it is. Let’s go then Bye bye, Nelson
  10. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Landon I'm glad, you like them, Pete Thank you John. And it is even more difficult this year, as the drivers have a much smaller field of view with the new spoilers and larger tires Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, Mikee I'd love to Graeme, but Danny is a superb driver, he doesn't need any assistance, maybe a better car
  11. Very nice shots indeed! It really is amazing the stuff people can insert today in their sceneries!
  12. Great pics, Wayne. I think we all suffer from the same "disease", buying too much stuff and then not using all of it. I still have many airports for XP11 that I have only visited once. A real shame; luckily the missus will never find out
  13. This weekend is the famous Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, so let us check out, whether the city has prepared itself for this mega event. I take off from Nice airport. It’s from here just a short hop over to Monaco. The rich and famous usually have a helicopter shuttle service between their homes in Monte Carlo and the Nice airport. At the right side of the swimming pool (above the plane’s tail), the bluish viewing area has been properly set up, so it appears that the city is one more time well prepared for this big annual show.
  14. Thank you very much for your comments, John, Wayne and Jean Marc
  15. We (still) live in a free world Wayne, so what's wrong with boats
  16. Fantastic pics, Pete. Gives me the feeling of almost being there myself
  17. Thanks for posting these, Gerold. The difference is quite striking Many thanks, my friend I fully agree with you, buddy I'm happy you like them, Pete
  18. Teti’aroa is an atoll that was once a vacation spot for Tahitian royalty. Located just 53 km (33 mi) north of Tahiti, hardly anyone knew of its existence. That changed, when Marlon Brando discovered it, after shooting “The Mutiny on the Bounty”. He bought it in 1966 and built a small village on one of the motus, so he could stay there with his family. Today the island is home to a gorgeous luxury eco-hotel (The Brando Resort). Eight of Brando’s eleven children are involved in the resort project. A local has offered us some fish for our upcoming trip Tahiti can be seen on the left, Moorea on the right side We pass over Taha’a. Bora Bora can be seen in the distance What a beautiful region this is in MSFS!
  19. Many thanks for your kind comment, Landon. Thanks a lot, Ken. Hahaha, many thanks, my friend. Thank you so much, Gerold. I thought I spare the audience here the fate of Prinz Eugen, that is why I didn't mention it. Many thanks, John, for your comment.
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