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  1. Many thanks, Paul. I love doing occasional trips with one of the Cunard and White Star ships available for MSFS Hahaha, thanks, buddy Thanks a lot, Mikee Many thanks, Gerold. Maybe I expressed it wrongly. Such trips I still love to do. I was more referring to traveling on large private yachts. So far I have done that only once. Too expensive Thank you very much for commenting, Landon Thank you kindly Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, Adam, it can be really fun to explore a small part of this world by boat
  2. Excellent idea, Jack. How long did the way down take
  3. This is a trip you normally don’t do too often in your life, maybe once or twice. The beauty is, here in our sim, we can do it as often as we want. We have left Cairns on a Green Island Cat to bring us to Green Island. Green Island is a beautiful, 6000-year old coral cay located on the Great Barrier Reef and just over an hour boat ride from Cairns. Once on Green Island we don’t have too much time for snorkeling, as our private yacht is already under steam so to speak to bring us to Hamilton Island. Once on Hamilton Island we have a few days to relax and cruise in creature comfort the area, before we board a plane that will bring us to another destination, called Reefworld. It is located in Hardy Reef, some 40nm offshore and only a short hop from Hamilton Island This ship looks more like a war ship, but is in reality a privately owned explorer-type luxury yacht A Royal Tongan plane you won't see every day in Australian waters
  4. Great shots, Carlos and I fully agree with you, we need a good mesh for this part of the world. Do you by any chance happen to know, who could provide such an add-on?
  5. What a brilliant shot, Iain!!
  6. Again, great bird, Paul!! So far I have flown her only in easy mode
  7. That is one of the most impressive airports in MSFS to this date and your plane is a beauty, Paul!!
  8. Many thanks, pretty wild territory indeed, John. And there's a lot of it Thanks a lot Landon. The Corsair is a challenge, that is why I like it Many thanks, Paul, me too. Give me a Spitty, Bf109 or a Mustang and I'm a happy camper I'm happy you like them, Gerold. I really hope that we can get the old Orbx strips updated to MSFS Many thanks buddy Thanks a lot, Iain Many thanks, Adam
  9. That's a beauty, buddy. And it's even yellow
  10. Excellent screenies, buddy. I also like the paint job on your plane.
  11. MSFS default largely The Milviz Corsair can be obtained from the Orbx store Let's check this place out, before I attempt to land this thing Ok, now comes the tricky part Conclusion: there are a lot of nice airstrips here in PNG (and the Indonesian site of Papua), but with a few exceptions, they all lack Ken's and Tim's magic touch!
  12. Jack, the best way to learn it is from watching it on YT. Here is a link to a couple of tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=convert+fsx+aircraft+to+msfs+2020+
  13. Excellent shots, Adam. A freeware Catalina? Where did you get it?
  14. Great shots, Paul. The second one is my favourite
  15. Thanks buddy. I remeber the L-39. I think I had her as freeware model. Someone had converted her from FS9 to FSX. But the VC was so so, that is why I haven't converted her yet to MSFS Many thanks, Carlos Haha, thanks a lot, John Mach Loop on steroids...I love that. Thanks Martyn Many thanks Mike Thank you very much I'm glad you like them, Adam
  16. Thanks Paul, I like that Vulcan a lot. I have all three, the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant flying in MSFS Many thanks, Gerold. It's bit of trial and error. Usually freeware planes convert better than payware ones, which seem to have some sort of code installed that prevents us from using them otherwise. Sometimes the gauges won't work, then I use the VC of a default MSFS plane. For example when I fly the huge An-124 or 225, I use a 747 VC, but with bluish colors to make it more authentic. So, there are quite a few ways around to make them work. And it's fun to do so. By now I think I have converted over 50 or 60 FSX/P3D planes. From a simple Bi-plane to the 747-200 Thanks a lot, Landon. I'm happy that you like them. It was really fun to fly there in such a plane.
  17. Orbx Himalaya mesh FSX Vulcan that I ported over to MSFS South of Shimla. Those poor tea planters will get a heart attack Most of the gauges work. At 5,500 ft and Mach 0.95. I just love it South of the Indo-Chinese border and close to the Nanda Devi Nat. Park The Pisang Peak In the distance you can see Mount Everest Closing in on Nuptse and Lhotse Blasting past Lukla On final It's a default airport, so in this remote location don't expect too much I have to admit, it was a blast. I'll have to repeat this flight, no matter what India's surveillance will tell me
  18. Very nice screenies, Paul. One of the airports I have bought but then never visited...oh well.
  19. Many thanks, Gerold. I hope that Orbx will do this airport. The area around here is superb in MSFS Thanks a lot, Wayne I'm glad you like them, Adam
  20. Hahaha, planning pays off Thanks Wayne, the Twotter is a great plane for this kind of trips. I also like the Kodiak, which I use a lot in PNG Many thanks, Adam
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