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  1. Hello, Google Earth doesn't seem to know what the Radio Heliograph near Narrabri, NSW is but the other one is there.
  2. Hello, please open the add-ons list (the tab above Scenery Library) and tick it there.
  3. Hello, while we may have left the EU, as far as I am aware there is no intention to return to the imperial measurements in day to day life. Most people under the age of 50 or so have no idea what they are in any case, as the imperial system has not been taught in schools since 1974. Quaintly, we continue to mark our road distances in miles and measure our speed in miles per hour, even though every commercial vehicle over 3.5 tonnes must be fitted with an EU spec tachograph which does everything in kilometres and kph and every car speedometer is calibrated in both mph and kph.
  4. Hello, as you have bought Vector for P3D v4, the P3D v5 version is free of charge. You can therefore install it and see if you are happy with the results. I cannot comment on Black Marble.
  5. Hello, ideally please create C:\Orbx Central Library, set that as an Orbx Central library and install objectfow into that, having uninstalled it from everywhere else first.
  6. Hello, would you consider creating an Orbx Central Library on your C drive and installing objectflow into that please?
  7. Hello, I can confirm that it continues to work under Windows 11.
  8. Hello, the internet thinks that this is the key to your problem and says:
  9. Hello, have you at any point installed objectflow on your C drive?
  10. Hello, please cancel your present transaction and then try again.
  11. Hello, a discount would be applied at the checkout, are you not seeing that?
  12. Hello, As I mentioned before, Microsoft should not be stonewalling when the problem seems to be a failure to install at all. Certainly, once the product is installed and working, then the onus is on Orbx to rectify any problems seen in the working scenery. This does not appear to be the case here, as following the installation, the product is failing to appear at all. Just as they have no control over the quality of the product, we have no control over their installation process. I will ask at Orbx what might be going wrong.
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