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  1. Hello, I am not sure that the installer will deal with it. As I am sure you know, until SU10, it was possible to edit or even delete the content.xml file, which, I suspect, most people were comfortable with and which fixed a multitude of problems with newly installed products. This is now gone and it seems that the in-game developer mode is all that is left. I don't know where the data that was in the content.xml file is now.
  2. Hello, there is an update to EGPB available on Orbx Central. As well as installing the update, please open the developer mode and ensure that EGPB is below GB North in the scenery list.
  3. Hello Carlos, it's just that the link is not good, all of your other imgur images are showing fine. I have repaired your post, so that the image can be seen.
  4. Hello, the internet appears to widely use VRAM to stand for Video Random Access Memory. Whatever the rights and wrongs, I suspect that is what most people understand VRAM to mean.
  5. Hello, you make some valid points, I will ask the questions internally.
  6. Hello, Orbx Central is just another means of purchasing through Orbx Direct, without which, Orbx Central would have no purpose.
  7. Hello Rodger, it's a copy and paste of part of an article that it didn't take long to find, here: VivoBook vs Laptop: What's The Difference? - (askkissy.com) Spammers do not need to do anything that makes any kind of sense, in fact, their very existence is utterly senseless.
  8. Hello, I'll just leave this here, as an example of the new approach to spamming used by our friends in Pakistan. One might have thought that there would be more urgent matters to deal with over there.
  9. Hello, it is pretty clear that there are no across the board results as a consequence of installing SU10. As a sweeping generalisation, anecdotal evidence points to the effect being much less pronounced on "high end" systems than it is on those lower down the scale. In my case, for example, the difference between SU9, SU10 and Dx 11 and Dx 12 is negligible. My preferred settings never get anywhere near the frame rates that some are reporting, but I have always chosen the quality of what I see on the screen over the number of frames per second. I also find that even with the highest possible settings, allowing the frame rate to run amock achieves nothing in terms of on-screen quality but instead simply produces much higher temperatures in the PC hardware for no other return than more frames per second. For this reason, I keep the frame rate limited to 33% of 75hz, 25 fps and the frame rate counter switched off. In the FS forums, one can read posts that state that SU10 is the magic bullet, followed by a post that SU10 has broken the simulator, so the range of results appears to be as large as the number of users who care to contribute to those forums.
  10. Hello, the best thing to do is to send in a support ticket. You can do that here: Submit a request – Orbx Simulation Systems (orbxdirect.com)
  11. I have deleted the contents of content.xml and now it remains empty after MSFS is next run. It is now a redundant fix.
  12. Hello Carlos, I didn't know many of the answers to your questions but it looks like most of them are addressed here: End User License Agreement (EULA) - Orbx (orbxdirect.com)
  13. This is what is written on "their" website: Key Features Complete airport and island package Highly detailed rendition of Skiathos Airport 2021 custom aerial imagery for airport Complete with PBR textures Meticulous detail landside and airside Custom GSE & static aircraft From developer Matteo Veneziani The fact that there are static aircraft is mentioned. There is indeed no mention of a control panel. This is the response to your ticket, written by me, 45 minutes after you sent in your ticket. Hello,very few of the current orbx airports have an Orbx central control panel that would allow disabling static aircraft.As you mention, there is no connection at all between the two marketing media.I did my best, the forum topic that explains in detail was posted on 31st August 2020, thirteen days after the releaseof the simulator. This is the description at the Marketplace. The fact that there are static aircraft is mentioned. Indeed, there is no mention of a control panel, as the Marketplace does not support product control panels. I am told that at present, it also does not support the uploading of two versions of the same software. This is the release announcement for LGSK, posted on 5th November 2021, 322 days ago, as of today. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/210929-lgsk-skiathos-now-available-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/ A control panel is mentioned and it has been available to all Orbx Direct customers since its release. Customers are able to make an informed choice between the two purchasing media.
  14. Hello, I am not seeing either your ticket or the name of the product that you have bought that you would like to have a control panel for. Could you provide the ticket number and the name of the product please?
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