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  1. Thank you. There is no secret here and i haven't invented anything. I use my knowledge to harness the maximum visual potential MSFS can give me. Monitor setting: -4K -Fineness adjustment 10 ( Maximum) -Super Resolution setting 3 ( Maximum) -PC RVB HDMI (16-235) MSFS Setting: -Drone Camera (with a very large zoom or vice versa) -Ultra Setting -Render Scaling 150 /170 ( Because I do not use an Airplane and in this case no complex scenery. ) -Manual weather with millimeter light adjustments... (A minute more or less can make the difference) -Bloom Setting OFF -I play a lot with Aerosol density setting. -I play also with precipitation setting. I mix these two settings together too... Personal working time: -19 Shots = One afternoon of work with great pleasure. Everytime I try to transcribe emotions in each of my shots. This is the goal that I must achieve.To get there I select only the best and I throw in the trash the rest. Now my "shot" settings will no longer any secrets for you like the P3D,XP & MSFS settings do not have either for me.
  2. Thank you very much gentlemen for all your nice comments.
  3. A pretty woman alone in an airport is not hard to find....
  4. It's called pure creative fiction! of course it's from inside an airport from Orbx catalog.
  5. Good job Renault! I like the atmosphere of number 3 and the last one that requires an expert eye...
  6. Thank you very much. I am using a 4K monitor but with Rendering Scalling 70% .Thanks to this setting my GTX 1080 feels like a fish in water. For the shots I use a Gamepad and I play with the zoom +/- and the different points of view.
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