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KSAN Newies from me.

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On 2/1/2017 at 0:34 PM, regulate said:

Is that static AI?  If so, can it be removed (the commercial airliners)?  Also, the liveries are out of date on those Dash-8 AI.


I hope the static airliners can be removed - nothing against them, but I like my own active AI traffic which needs parking.


Usually its a setting, hope it is here too - looks great!



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I am a fan of the mid-sized airports.  I hope you do more of them.  This will be a purchase for sure.  I actually like the static planes so I turn down the AI in hopes of more VAS savings.  Plus the planes look much nicer than the AI planes and you get corporate jets and GA parking as well.   I do question the parking spaces though.  A must purchase. 

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Wow ! Nice Nice very Nice! Living in San Diego directly under REEBO I see lotsa traffic! Guess I am still going to wait! My Vote is bring it out at a discounted Price! LOL

Still a must have for me! Been waiting for this since the very 1st install of Orbx! Ya'll Rock!


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Hmm, I never have that issue. But I use AS16 for my weather engine too.  Winds coming out of the east is a seasonal thing and  is why 27 is mostly used. the Foehn Winds or better known as Santa Anas coming from the E/NE  typically run from September to April. and that mostly when runway 9 is used. If I remember right it's usually triggered on anything ENE @ 10+ knots. :)

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