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  1. Nice looking shots as usual Jack! The stadium is in Eugene -- University of Oregon Autzen Stadium
  2. John -- Appreciate the option, size is a factor for me. I'm running both P3D v.4 and X-Plane 11.3. Eventually I'll migrate to one platform and consolidate then. I have a new 1 TB SSD drive waiting for me to install [ when I have time], this is delaying my purchase of TE Washington, I don't have the free space at present for the download and install. This new option is of interest. Appreciate the thoughts and options. Mike
  3. Love the Livery! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice evening shots... your shots are the best answers for someone asking why they should purchase the NA OpenLC product. Previous to its release, we were using 10 year old FSX sceneries that rendered major cities with a small featureless autogen set. OpenLC provides major metropolitan areas with their current approximate size with varied terrain details. Your approach into KPHX demonstrates this nicely. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Great milestone Jack! There's a lot of upside down - under the bridge - yellow airplanes in there! Congrats!
  6. This would have been a great option for Midwest travelers. When I worked as a manufactures rep, I would use Midwest's KMKE Hub almost every week. Besides the great service and warm chocolate chip cookies, Midwest & KMKE didn't have hassles and issues of KORD. Having connections at Meigs would have been awesome.
  7. Nice... very nice! Appreciate your sharing!
  8. Wow! Read about Max Manus... guy had incredible persistence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Manus
  9. The XP Chicago Scenery looks pretty true to life... compare this satellite image to Iain's last shot over the North Side. In the denser older Chicago neighborhoods, there is very little green.
  10. First rate set of images Jack - liked looking at them all!
  11. Back to the West Coast, Ziggy. Pearson Field [KVUO] west down the Columbia River to the Pacific - right turn at Astoria, then north up the coast a bit to Bowerman Field [KHQM] in Hoquaim. Or if you are adventurous type, head southwest out of Palm Springs [KPSP] up and over the San Jacinto Mountains to Gillespie Field [KSEE] on the north side of San Diego.
  12. Superb set of images, all are 1st class! Thank you for sharing them.
  13. Be sure that you install the FTX Global Airport Pack [Freeware] -- KVNY is included in there. Combined with NA SoCal, it provides a good level of detail.
  14. Spectacular set of shots, Jack! Makes me want to pull up the sim and see what I can find!
  15. great duo -- like the warm tint to the shots and the livery!
  16. Superb set of shots with an excellent narrative-- thank you for sharing all of your work!
  17. I think that there is a consensus -- the ground shot with the water reflection is the crowd's favorite. Contest winner!
  18. Yes it is! Some people may not know the significance of those lyrics or where they came from. That LP sold 37 million copies. Rock On Jack!
  19. It's been a long time been a long timeBeen a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely timeYes it has
  20. Outstanding series of shots -- thanks for sharing!
  21. Truly outstanding images -- thanks for sharing them!
  22. Enjoy them very much ... thanks for sharing!
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