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  1. Hi Smudger, thanks for the link, hadn’t seen that one. I had already opened the HDD to see if the heads were stuck, they weren’t. May now have a look at that USB option they mention. Nick, thanks too for your input. I suspect you are right about needing specialized hardware. My OS was on a different SSD but thanks to parts of certain programs being saved in C:\ this is now a problem. I installed P3D v5.2 and tried to run it but although this is a fresh install it still recognized the old scenery.CFC on C and threw me up over 400 errors - so I just used the task manager to quit. I don’t know if the command to delete generated files will help me out here, or if my best bet is to bite the bullet and re-install Windows 10. Thanks for your interest. Jack
  2. Thanks John for trying to help. I've googled a lot and found a video showing how to open an HDD and to free up the heads, but unfortunately the heads were not stuck so I guess I am stuffed. The drive was manufactured in 2012, so I reckon it has gone to meet its maker, as they say. Cheers Jack
  3. Hi Gents, This week I unfortunately suffered a HDD failure which is causing me a bit of grief. A couple of years ago, due to space running short on my C:\ drive, I relocated the documents, downloads etc folders to my D:\drive this is the drive that has now died on me. As a consequence I have now lost everything that was stored in these user folders. The drive is completely dead, have tried everything I have read on the net, but I have not been able to find any way to recover these folders. Does anybody know if this is at all possible? Thanks for any help. Jack
  4. Must be some kind of record - this thread is 12 years old!!!! Cheers Jack
  5. You won't get one. Nick is an absolute gentleman and is not at all one to put himself in the spotlight or to seek recognition. A true servant of the community. Best regards Jack
  6. Looks like your version of the Mac OS is not supported by Orbx, see post #5 by Josh in this thread: Jack
  7. Stone me, I was in so much of a rush last night that I just posted the screenies then went to bed - I didn't even notice my scenery did not look right. It certainly does look like stock scenery to me. Thanks Nick for your prompt action. Cheers Jack
  8. Here you go, sorry it took so long. Jack
  9. Will do, if you can wait for about 15 - 20 mins. I'm just installing some Orbx stuff at the moment, and don't have KSAN installed yet. I'll do that next then take a couple of shots. Jack
  10. Worked fine for me. I noticed it when I first installed P3D5, and did the fix that Nick recommended, and it cured the problem. Can't for the life of me remember which airport I first saw it at though. Cheers Jack
  11. See the 4th sticky from the top of this forum. Jack
  12. Hi, Have you installed Orbx using the XML method outside your P3D5 folder? If yes, then maybe you are suffering the same fate as described from page 8 onwards of this thread on Avsim: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/574341-p3d-version-5-hot-fix-now-available/page/8/ If not, then I have no idea, sorry. Cheers Jack
  13. Call me old-fashioned, but I never really saw the advantage of installing outside the root folder - even when a reinstall was necessary, I only ever had to reinstall Global and maybe one more (can't remember) and I was back in business. And most importantly for me at least was that I have never suffered any installation anomalies (or at least very rarely and those were almost always user errors!) Hope you get this sorted. Best regards Jack
  14. Hi Adam, hopefully I've now figured out the screenshot business! I made a fresh download via Orbx Central and installed into my root P3D5 folder. I haven't installed anything in libraries outside of the root folder except for I believe the Orbx libraries and ObjectFlow. Cheers Jack
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