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  1. yeah I'm not seeing the new version either. reinstalled it is still version 1.1 Update: Figured it out, there are 2 KBUR in the pick list. Uninstall the Version 1.1 first, then Select KBUR V2 and install it.
  2. hey Guys, when can we expect to see our favorite airport we had in P3D v4 come to MSFS? like KRDD, KMSY, KSTS, and KPSP, L-35? The Orbx versions are by far more detail than the Asobo counterparts. Thanks
  3. Matteo, you out did yourself again. Excellent Job, capturing the real world elements of the airport. Thank man!
  4. yeah it was a freeware scenery that was in conflict.
  5. I figured it out , Nick, All is good now. Thank you.
  6. So far Guys I found 2 anomalies at KAVX. this is probably due to the elevation Adjustment ASOBE/ MSFS did to elevations on the Latest update. 1) Some AI aircraft and vehicles are either bunched up into each other , or sunken into the terrain. and 2) the Taxi way to runway from the terminal parking is not flat ans smooth but following the terrain contours out to the runway. other that than., the scenery is beautiful. Thanks
  7. Still see that Arc de Triomphe as an apartment building, guys. Gonna uninstall it all together and reinstall it again. Update Figured it out, all good now
  8. Still see that Arc de Triomphe as an apartment building, guys. Gonna uninstall it all together and reinstall it again.
  9. Question, is the mesh landable without you aircraft falling thru to the default? with helicopters we're apt to land anywhere
  10. Hey Guys, With at least 2 viable helicopters as of this friday in the sim. how about making the helipads in the sceneries landable please. Thanks
  11. I vote to to make KMRY and the Monterrey penesula for MSFS. I loved the one that was done for P3D. One of my favorite airports:)
  12. thanks for the update guys. : everything looks great now
  13. I'd love to get KMRY and KPSP back again. the defaults are ..well
  14. you can uninstall it via the content manager. jusck right click on it. and you will see a checkmark in the column and a delete button.
  15. I'd like to see our Orbx renditioned airport in MSFS like KPSP, KMRY, KTVL, KRDD, and the like. Those have the custom building a the airports and beautiful, instead of generic buildings. When can we expect those to come out?
  16. Brad, I think the mean landmarks like Pebble beach GC and the Monterrey Penesula in KMRY for instance. Key POI that we look for while flying. or Hearst Castle in San Simeon.
  17. there's airports/area I hope Orbx will make fro MSFS. like KPSP, KSEZ, and KMRY that had unique scenery and Landmarks in each one.
  18. Misha, one more thing to check while fixing things. while watching in Multiplayer mode on aircraft landings, the plane are on contact at the head of Rwy 25, but when they come down to the first 2 taxiways their floating off the ground. not sure if the rwy is sloped or not. Just a FYI.
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