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  1. Amazing. Another great landmarks package in a remarkable setting. Well-done, Orbx. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I hate current graphics adapter prices, too. That's holding me back from buying a new system, as I originally intended in this year. I'm even more glad I bought that EVGA 1080TI card years ago, which still serves me pretty well (essentially in MSFS, but in the other sims, too). Probably the best investment I ever made into flight simulation. Kind regards, Michael
  3. I don't know if frequent reviews will help. Navigraph will certainly make the next round of their review series towards the end of this year, and a one-year cycle is pretty optimum in my mind. Only few people are inclined to spend an hour for such reviews more often. While I have FSX:SE, Prepar3d5, X-Plane 11, AeroflyFS2, and MSFS installed, stuffed with addons and ready to use, I only find me flying in the latter since I was admitted to the MSFS alpha. And I have to admit, I devote much more time to flying than I did in the 30 years before. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Uncheck the Speedtrees (Dynamic Vegetation). Kind regards, Michael
  5. I was also curious about this. I uninstalled version 1.0 after the France upgrade and reinstalled 1.1 recently but (contrary to the London pack) I don't see a control panel (which I actually expected). Made a check files already, all okay. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Offset between static default and reworked shots may not look too striking but: In my eyes, the best feature would be missing terrain morphing, which has been with us in all FSX/ESP-based simulators as far as I can think back. If this can indeed be achied, I see a bright future for the technology. Kind reagrds, Michael
  7. Very welcome classics with some new cherry on the cake in MSFS. Kind regards, Michael
  8. I bought it directly from their website, and this one has a .png map plus a brochure (okay, the latter is more a high-gloss travel guide). Kind regards, Michael
  9. Are we supposed to know for which simulator this is? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  10. I really like such cities to get their unique style. Highly welcome. Kind regards, Michael
  11. Agreed. I more and more tend to prefer well-done AI-background (which Asobo/Blackshark do pretty well) + hand-crafted landmarks over photogrammetry, at least, until MS/Asobo opt for a general overhaul of the Photogrammetry process. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Did you choose the proper Configuration Setting, i.e. World Update III on/off in Orbx Central? (See Nick's contribution above.) Kind regards, Michael
  13. Thanks, that's probably what I will do. I was pretty proud my system could handle all MSFS sceneries so far and even very demanding ones, but London seems to be just beyond. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Thanks Andy, that's unfortunate but Asobo's Photogrammetry version indeed isn't fun. I repeated a flight from EGLL to Sound End cross London which I did with PG on yesterday, this time with PG off and Orbx landmarks London and the overall impression is indeed much, much better. Plus, performance is higher and color is much more consistent. These grey-brownish PG buildings are so dull. Downside is, PG can only be enabled/disabled globally. I'll have a closer look what I am going to miss in the rest of the UK, but certainly a number of nice landmarks. Actually, Asobo should redefine London but I doubt they will ever touch it again now they probably set foot to France already. I'm afraid we'll have a Déjà-vu in Paris next month. Kind regards, Michael
  15. I am afraid this does only apply if you bought directly from AUScene. I bought them via SimMarket. I'll check back with AUScene and report the result. Kind regards, Michael
  16. Thanks, pretty idea, strong support from my side! Kind regards, Michael
  17. Same here, and if you glance through the official forum we're not alone. Well possible, PM off and the Orbx Landmarks may do a better job, but then you would have to deactivete all PM cities which I don't want either. Kind regards, Michael
  18. Emmsi is back, and with a good message. Welcome and all the best, Michael
  19. Thank you for the update, this is certainly going to be an excellent solution from the side of Orbx. I am stilly glad, Orbx jumped in with the original London landmarls pack, as London looked really poor in the release version of MSFS. And yes, I've a bit of a mixed feeling about Orbx not getting a pre-release version. Even more, as this will be a standard situation for all City Pack/ POI pack / Landmarks makers, not only Orbx, which will repeate with every World update. The next loophole for Orbx will probably be the Paris landmarks pack. Kind regards, Michael
  20. Take our best wishes, Iain. You're certainly in the heart of the Orbx community, not only for your legendary "last shots" but also for your kind and friendly contributions. Stay safe and best regards, Michael
  21. This is very welcome, I bought the two of their sceneries, really enjoyable ones. Glad, there will be a way to shift them into Orbx Central. Kind regards, Michael
  22. This is a great video. I agree to Carlos, brief developer-plus-product videos now and then would be cool. I am always interested in the makers behind the products, that's why I enjoy the Asobo Feature Discovery and Q&A series. Although I understand making a professional video like this one is resource-intense in a big way. I only missed one developer, partially retired now,... that's JV. Kind regards, Michael
  23. I mostly fly the small Cessnas, the C172 and the C152. The big advantage of my setup is it's optimum adapted to this use, the controls even carry a Cessna Logo Moreover, it's well usable for most steam-gauge 1-engine propeller planes, but FSXTimes doesn't have the complete set of gauges to display on the FIPs yet (at present only the MSFS C152, C172, R400). But these are planned, and in some cases (e.g. the Bonanza) I can substitute the Prepar3d versions, which do work. Obviously, it's not well-adapted for glass-cockpits. In principle, I can put the small touch-screen in front of the sixpack, solutions for this setup (based on pop-put of the G1000 + Airmanager) are in development on the official forum). While I don't fly airliners usually, I have the Airbus TCA/Sidestick combo and can substitue the TPM and Yoke by these. But these hardware solutions are always a compromise: Either you have a setup perfectly fit for just one plane (like those guys with their 747 in the basement) or you're flexible to serve all planes just a bit. There are several solutions to get rid of the panels, all detailed on the official forums as well. (i) Shift the view point in front of the propeller, that's what you see on the shot above, (ii) modify some airplane definition files, (iii) Asobo/MS added a menu option for home cockpit builders to get rid of the panels natively recently. Unfortunately, it doesn't work properly yet, but I hope this will be resolved in one of the next sim-updates. Finally: My alternative solution (~50/50) is based on VR, i.e. HP Reverb: Fully flexible, but I miss pressing buttons and turning knobs manually. Kind regards, Michael
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