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Found 12 results

  1. I am getting very odd tree/vegetation colour and density using TrueEarth Great Britain South and Orbx airport EGTB - Booker. The tree colour is reproducing as a pale lime green colour and not the mid-dark green colour I get if I use Orbx airport EGKA - Shoreham. I have attached screen shots to show the difference. The palegreen trees look very artificial and are not very convincing. Also, they do not darken with distance - partly due to shadows cast only being represented on trees within about a 2 mile radius. What is odd is that if I start at Shoreham (EGTK)these odd effects do not occur. I have yet to'fly' from Booker to Shoreham tosee if the scenery changes en-route. Is this something to do with my sceneries insertion points or am I missing something else?
  2. Messing around after installing the latest version of V5 and Envshade/tex.
  3. Fairly happy with my P3DV5.1 and Envshade. A hazy departure from Vienna. Nope, much too hazy for my liking. That is better with visibility set to unlimited. Still some tinkering to do though. Keeps me off the streets anyway.
  4. Low in traffic due to Covid-19 situation, this B787 is departing from Brisbane airport YBBN to a far destination. After take-off made a U-turn for overview of the airport:
  5. Hi, after the latest update of Central, GCTS has oddly been removed from "my products" in P3Dv5 Central. Please check if there is a problem with the MK-Studios airports perhaps by the appearance of LPPT Lisbon. I would very much like to get my Tenerife South back.
  6. I hope I am not breaking the rules, I did check and think it's ok. I am looking to purchase one of the above for p3dv5, however I am really not sure which, I know they are not yet ready to release the T7 but I am happy to wait, I really don't know which to buy but I am leaning toward the T7, my only experience is with their 737NGXu.....anyone got the T7 currently and is it recommended? it's not cheap so I really need to be sure before purchase.......would both planes go to similar airports or does the 747 need a longer runway? any help please....
  7. Orbx ESSA bridges seems to be an issue in P3Dv5.1. When i taxing on the bridges i'm may end up slide off the taxiway or just glitch out of the vitural cockpit in few seconds and gain taxi speed. My settings meeting the requirements acording to the manual of Orbx ESSA. Never experienced this in P3Dv4. Reinstalled the scenery and tried to move it to an library but nothing worked out. Also double checked inserts of scenery library and was aslo correct.
  8. Hi all, The issue i had with ESSA is related to object flow. I tried a couple of thing before posting here. The issue : When Object Flow is installed P3DV5 would launch until splashscreen then closes without warning. If OF is uninstalled P3D works fine but Orbx Airports (ESSA< KSAN) have crap ground textures. I tried : 1/ Uninstall my Orbx stuff (library, Global, ESSA, KSAN), then re install + verify = same issue 2/ Uninstall my Orbx stuff, create a new library folder + install libraries and Object Flow only = issue is persistent and P3D won't open. ANy guidance will be much appreciated. Everything works just fine with P3DV4.5
  9. so todays flight during self isolation was a quick hop from Luton to Edinburgh, another flight with Easyjet.... Orbx scenery, all global and regional scenery......Aerosoft A320...ASP3D weather....(still a little waffly).... quick question...I have TEGB for P3DV5 but not installed yet, in your opinions (anyone using it) what difference does it make and what will happen as we go through the year? do the addon airports look out of place? is there going to be seasonal change on them but not TE? not a complaint just a question, also using Simstarter NG P3D is it as easy as unticking to remove if I wanted to?
  10. Orbx scenery, Aerosoft A320, ASPD weather.....flight as above....really pleased with what I am seeing now in v5, great performance....big issue is at night, EGPH was so bright so not sure what was causing that, I landed and left sim running for a few hours and everything was bright white from floodlights......really smooth visuals though and I had Avlasoft and one other tracking program running in the background along with Navigraph charts open ready for landing info...... ASPD now seems better however I am sometimes seeing a thick bright divide on the horizon......love the shadows etc in the cockpit...all with EA on...
  11. Right so just updated P3D last night with the HF1 for v5, ASPD was updated to with full installer, they seem to have got rid of the grid however it can sometimes be seen from directly above or below the aircraft........ran this flight out of Jackson Hole by ORRBX, with all other scenery from Orbx for that area installed to.... I know it's default Maule but I left fps counter in on one shot as I couldn't believe the numbers.......had Device hung error, but have been told to check Nvidia hasn't activated a sound option on last update, removed this, I also have headphones on the side of my desk, makes ATC sound more like a radio so I disconnected that....did a quick 1 hour flight and no error.....did also notice that cpu was running mostly under 80% and gpu was quite low to, maybe under 40-50%....I also included a shot with EA off to show the difference, I will continue with this, hopefully it will be as stable as my 4.5 version which I will go back to if it's not.... look no sparkling trees..... EA off below EA back on below clouds in shot below look a bit blurry around the edges...
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