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  1. OK then it is clearly something wrong with my files in Google Earth. I tried these that you posted and I get the same result. I will see if I can purge all the temporary places and other content and try it again. Thanks Paul, my apologies for the false alarm.
  2. Wait, are you saying that this site has the correct KMZ file? http://www.fullterrain.com/product_eueng.html Maybe something is wrong with my google earth or it is user error... however I get the correct destired result when opening the KMZ files for NZ, both North and South.... Mind pointing me to the location that you just checked?
  3. Somehow this file was overwritten, probably just an oversight, but it is the same KMZ file as Wales now. This happened with the KMZ file on the ORBX/FTX website, just downloaded to check. Same thing with with KMZ files in the ORBX folder in FSX. Would somebody replace the KMZ file for England and get that updated on the site? This morning I was wanting to go over the coverage map for England in some level of detail but was unable to do so. Thanks in advance. Cheers Ripcord
  4. Very Nice. Really quite stunning actually. You got a sale already. Would like to see some shots of Elmendorf AFB.
  5. Actually just saw this thread over at MAIW.... http://www.militaryaiworks.com/newforum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=12827
  6. I don't know, if you could manage to do something to the same quality that Jim Dhaenens has done (for free) then I would say that you have done a pretty good custom airport project. Also visit Military AI Works for the proper AI and airfields with proper parking. www.militaryaiworks.com I will warn that all those packages are developed for FS9 and so there are a few extra steps or items to keep in mind when installing in FSX. But it is worth it.
  7. I suppose you can call it an Easter Egg, why not? It is a very real little detail that maybe we were not expecting to find in FSX.... certainly it took great care and thought in making this excellent scenery.
  8. Oh hell yeah. Thanks Tim. Extremely helpful and friendly. Where is that 'like' button? Cheers, Mark
  9. I see that using FTX Central moves all ORBX / FTX scenery to the top of the addon scenery files list. There are a half dozen or so addon sceneries that I needed to keep ahead of my ORBX / FTX in order them all to play nicely together. It is a bit of a pain to have to reconfigure the addon scenery list each time I use FTX Central -- is there a workaround or some option setting for this?
  10. Dave, Nice job. I updated Fairford EGVA with parking as well. I'll upload that file.
  11. I was thinking about that as well! I used to live a few doors away from that thing, on the next cross street! Actually the first thing that came to mind was the rocket ship in Fremont, and the statue of Lenin there, and the stone people waiting for the bus across the street from the old Red Door Tavern.
  12. OK so how do we get a name of some kind entered in there. I can't have it just left blank, it interferes with other software that reads the airports data.
  13. Really anything that Aerosoft hasn't done -- I find that most of those are pretty good. Actually there is NO good scenery for Houston, the fourth largest city in the US. The stuff that is out there is pretty weak. Would like to see something that included Galveston, Baytown, the Woodlands, and Katy -- that's about 5 or 6 countries right there. The good news is that outside of the downtown area, it's mostly just a function of getting the landclass right and the roads/rivers/streams/lakes in the right place.
  14. Neil, let me say this -- I meant to heap praise on you for the work you did, the product quality is outstanding. The shortcoming (in my view) is an easy one to fix. FSX did zilch with military parking and really did it a huge disservice. It would be not that hard to go back and load UKMIL or MAIW scenery in there on top of the excellent work you did, but then I'd be sacrificing your efforts for the sake of better/more parking -- which I just paid for and am happy with. After some further reflection on this, I think I'd be better served just doing a 45 minute edit job on your AFX files and using those. It avoids the whole issue of inadvertenly having double AFCADs in my files, and I don't have to mess with elevations, exclusions or any of that silliness. I'll try a couple and share those here later. Cheers Mark BTW, I used to live down the road from you in Mountlake Terrace when I was going to school at UW. Grew up in WA and I miss it up there.
  15. How to remove certain placed objects in BGL file? FTX_PNW_objects_KGRF_PLC.bgl is the file I am referring to. Specifically I am interested in removing the static B52h and FA-18 hornets from Gray AAF at Fort Lewis (KGRF). The sceney is really very good and happy with the parking, I'd just like to remove these two items -- without removing all the placed objects in that BGL file. Regards Mark
  16. I have heard/read about the UK2000 products but I figured the ORBX renditions would be pretty damn good -- and they are, save the lack of parking. Here I am basing that on what I saw from their PNW package, which is superb -- KTCM is the best rendition out there, and I have about several to choose from, including MAIW and Jim Cook. I also very much like what I saw from UKMIL, which is free.
  17. Fellas, like most of us, I find the ORBX England package to be stunning. I was particularly interested to see what you did with the military bases there in the UK. They are really quite good, I liked them -- for a couple minutes, when I noted that there is really next to NO PARKING there on the ramps. How in the heck did your designers put that much work into getting these bases so close to photo-real in terms of layout -- taxiways, aprons, hangars, all of it -- and then totally SKIP the parking? Wow. Would have taken maybe an extra hour or so, per airbase, but would have made all the difference in the world. Not complaining -- in spite of this I am still pleased with the product. I think I'll edit a 3 or 4 myself and send those along -- just for contrast. If I didn't think the work they did on these bases was really that good, I wouldn't bother with it. Ripcord
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