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  1. Hi @Casualclick Thanks for your kind and cool words The boats- those are models we positioned there (it's part of Gaya KBID) to give some authentic looking for the harbor area. Boats are statics. As for adding new VFR landmarks around (POIs...)- will consider it for a future update. Can't say and promise which and when. Raz
  2. Thanks for the warm words guys! Me and the whole team are really happy to read it. @peteeWe had no plans to have but I think they worth the making. It won't be ready for the release but we already added it into our art production queue and it will be added as update.
  3. Just done with the final testing for KBID. What's better than Sunday morning flight with a fresh Optica?
  4. Block Island State Airport- getting closer ! Features list: Custom made and very authentic projected mesh (ground poly) with PBR textures (the right cracks, liquid asphalt, skid marks and much more!). Of course with the correct slope to make it challenging as real as it gets. Ultra high details render of KBID airport and it's surrounding. Animated cars and flags. Custom made and accurately pained static aircrafts (include the New England Airline BN-2 Islander). Custom made roads traffic (north American style ) for large area over the island. Custom made and accurate taxi signs and runway/taxiway lamps. Very detailed terminal and parking areas (yeah, Bethany's Airport Diner included ). Custom cars with Rhode Island plates (for full immersion...). Populated with summer-style people for the right vacation mode. And more.....
  5. Thanks for the great comments guys! We are indeed pretty busy with the world updates production (and not only with the airports of those), however we also keep following and creating our roadmap products as planned and already invested in. We have just released ENCN Kristiansand a while ago and a lot of amazing and exciting things coming soon in addition to the amazing KBID. There are few major difference between Gaya airports to the airports we developing as part of the world updates. Ill find the time to write some post explain the whole logic, concept and development behind (very interesting to understand and see the very massive production we running). Meanwhile, soon we all could enjoy the sunny Block Island! Raz
  6. We are extremely thrilled to share with you a preview of our very first destination in the USA. Located in North-East USA close to the Rhode Island coast. It's all in the details! - We have lovingly recreated this airport and surroundings in high detail with a custom-made PBR ground-poly ("projected mesh"), detailed and accurate static aircraft, animated local ground service cars, accurate USA-type roads around the island and much much more! Just to make it clear- this is a brand new development of Gaya. More details and full features lists- soon! (the obvious- fully custom made and handcrafted groundpolygon/projected mesh with PBR, animated GSE, animated flags and another cool stuff, custom made local static aircrafts, custom and authentic roads textures and materials around the island....and much much more!)
  7. @Rodsmajorwhat an amazing video! LOWZ is one of the airports I personally loved to worked on together with the team. it's our first release for MSFS was available at the simulator launch and we are all very proud of. That video really deliver the vibe of that magical airfield and it's epic area. Great stuff! Raz.
  8. Thanks for the feedbacks guys, For any official replay or support please open a ticket in our Zendesk and we will be happy to assist or note features for updates. Raz
  9. Really happy to read your feedback! it's make us all proud and satisfied! As for the runway "markers"- those are actually the runway starting points we defined there at the hold short positions at each of the corresponding taxiways for each runway. We made it by purpose and it's not a mistake.
  10. Briefly-The pricing is direct reflection of the scenery development costs and complexity. While the SDK and development pipeline and tool are very good, stable (and official..) for P3D it's another story with way more unofficial tools, "hacks" and internal technics involved many more tools- bottom line of all the described is time invested at the development leading for our pricing decision.
  11. Kristiansand Airport is now available! The culmination of months of work, our latest project, centered in Norway's southern city of Kristiansand has hit stores now. To celebrate, we've got two new release offers to share with you all. Firstly, save 15% with our special launch pricing this weekend only! Normal prices will return at 0800z on Monday, so get in quick! Secondly, if you're buying the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D versions together, you get 25% off! That offer is valid for the next week. Make sure to drop by our brand new website on the way - buy Kristiansand here! Get it here: P3Dv4+/v5: https://orbxdirect.com/product/gaya-encn MSFS: https://orbxdirect.com/product/gaya-encn-msfs
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