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openLC EU my first shots.

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Yeah, yeah.... you think you can fool us Iain by posting real photographs eh?


Well, that is what they look like... the realism is incredible and what to expect now from Orbx.


When JV first ever mentioned way back how Global and all associated products will be a game changer in flight simming, he wasn't wrong!



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Minor concern comment ::)


Picture gfMX0 and picture kv6Kl shows exactly the same field (the yellow/brownish one) in completely different locations. It even has exactly the same shape, the same diagonal road next to it and even exactly the same small rectangular insert with trees. Even the distribution of trees and the street going through it is exactly the same. Wasn't openLC supposed to have none of such repetitions? Or am I to picky (as it is from different locations, e.g. Norway and Sweden)?


EDIT: I just read in the other preview thread that elimination of repetition completely is not possible. Fair enough as it is still a major improvement, now you can forget about my post 8) 

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Landclass - what you see, what you can expect ...

If one can deduce from all this discussion about Vector and LandClass, is that Orbx product that aims to revolutionize (better organize) 3D view of the world of simulation scenarios for aviation, is - definitely - the Vector!

The LandClass will only better organize what kind of texture should be applied to groups of polygons bordered by highways, railroads, rivers, lakes, coastlines, etc..

In this endeavor - and that the consumer should be as well known - the LanClass will use the textures databases existing in FTX Global or Region!

Everything will depend on the database of textures and how FSX and P3D manage the instancing (the appearance) of these textures conditioned by LandClass.

I do not know, but it may be that with the package, Orbx may be add fixes textures to certain parts of the world where they are not currently very similar (suitable) with the geographical / local urban aspects.

It's my current understanding, am I right?



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This completely boggles my mind, it's the kind of product that justs boosts interest in FSX/Prepar3D like never before. I've heard that so many times....people who came make to the hobby after seeing all these great Orbx products, it's something John and his people should be proud of.

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