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  1. Yeah, changelogs... I wonder why many addon devs take this so easy and "forget" to put changelogs online. I am one of those who is always curious to learn what was changed, even if it is just some small details...
  2. True, but Orbx always used shortcuts for geographical designations, like EU for Europe, AUS for Australia, PNW for Pacific Northwest and so on. I am pretty sure they were not using EU as the shortcut for European Union. Anyway, funny it is for sure ;-)
  3. Honestly, the "quality" of this dev group is best illustrated by the fact that you can actually buy the product via Orbx, but their own homepage still shows the product as "coming in July 21": https://seafrontsims.com/global-shipping
  4. Take it as a geographical designation, not a political one. Or did Brexit also move the whole islands physically out of the European continent? ;-)
  5. Really surprising that there is no feedback here, obviously Orbx no longer needs money from longtime customers. Bummer...
  6. Same here, since some days, I can not purchase anything due to this issue...
  7. Seriously, I wonder how this mesh is compatible with the many sceneries on flightsim.to. I guess I wait until I know it for each of those I already downloaded. At least Milford Sound seems to be incompatible...
  8. Rather show images from locations where default mesh is completely off, like in the milford sound. THIS would be interesting, not mountain ridges that are almost as good id default...
  9. It is not even close and personally I am over and over surprised how many simmers do not recognise such obvious flaws in the modelling. But then, Virtualcol planes also get their sales, so it must be me ;-) If you are happy with the model, it is what counts, not up to me to judge, sorry for that. Your screenshots are anyway always nice to look at, no matter what model is in :-)
  10. Wonderful shots clearly showing the strenght of MSFS: the ambient lighting. Resulting in screenshots that look almost real (especially the first two shots)
  11. Nice shots, but this 737-Max8 looks so terrible with the totally wrong, stilt-like landing gear and the FS9-like engines...
  12. Nice shots, the one above is a wonderful example how reflections are bugged in MSFS and I seriously wonder why this does not draw more attention. Almost everytime I fly close to a 3D bridge, I see those totally wrong and overdone reflections going straight from the model down to the water. It only gets displayed correctly if you are even closer to the bridge, but depending on the angle, even then it is wrong. To me, this totally ruins immersion of otherwise phenomenal graphics...
  13. As Piotr suggested, this is the thing to try and test first. Then be aware that changing M/B and processor is now easier with Windows 10, but still rather cumbersome. Do you have your 6600K overclocked? Might also be worth trying, if your cooling solution is suitable.
  14. Since London City Landmarks are not compatible yet, would it not be wise to add an "activate" and "deactivate" option to Central? I realized that Orbx sceneries are anyway only added to the community folder via symbolic link, so this should be not a big deal, no? Instead of having to uninstall the whole product, this would be an easy and convenient way to temporary disable Orbx products (for whatever need). Did anyone ever consider this?
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