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  1. Hi, I don't have a CTD but bad stutters when around the threshold of runway 4 at Geneva. I uninstalled Aerosoft Geneva scenery and I GET THE STUTTERS AS WELL! If I deactivate Orbx OpenLC, they are gone. So the problem is not with Aerosoft, but somewhere in OpenLC...
  2. Hi, I report that on Olbia LIEO, runway 23, the runway textures are not correct, because the touch down zone (the 2 large white stripes) are way too back with respect to the PAPI lights (and to the ILS glideslope). I will post a screenshot in the afternoon. Thanks.
  3. Hi, doesn't look like it has already been posted, anyway thanks to whom may direct me to the topic if it has already been. Innsbruck LOWI LOC 26 approach: The localizer of runway 26 is in a wrong position and heading in the ORBX scenery, since it does NOT match the published approach track to the runway, but is too much to the right and has a different angle. This way, when you follow it, your published approach line, with the related waypoints FF26, LOC17, LOC14 and 90LOC is to your left and you are not flying over it. It's a matter of editing the AFCAD file and moving the LOC to the correct position (also changing its heading, 3 degrees less than the runway). I did it and found the correct position/heading by trial and error, so now the LOC perfectly matches the approach track, but for everyone's convenience a corrected AFCAD file should be released by ORBX. Thank you.
  4. For those like me who don't have a latest generation card, will it be possible to also have 1k and 2k resolution? Thanks.
  5. If you look at the last pictures of the preview, you can see Tavolara is there, but I suppose it's from the default scenery...
  6. I think it depends on the PTA+Reshade preset I use.
  7. Rongor, keep in mind that my screenshot is taken in summer, Frank's one may be related to autumn/winter. Further, I don't use high resolution textures. Apart from this, the textures look the same to me. James
  8. Are you sure you have OpenLC Europe active? I am talking about P3D v4.1. Check out this thread: DD sceneries have nothing to do with it, looks like it's an OpenLC autogen file that needs to be removed.
  9. Great, thank you! Only one thing: will deleting that file influence the OpenLC autogen in other areas, or is it only related to that long line of houses?
  10. I deleted that file and let FTX Central rebuild, the issue is still present. I think you should check better in your system (see the coordinates in the attached screenshot), if I disable OpenLC Europe 1 it disappears, so it's no doubt a glitch in Europe 1 OpenLC.
  11. I have the same issue close to Warsaw airport (see my thread in OpenLC support forum). Even with DD sceneries disabled, the issue remains, unless I disable OpenLC Europe 1.
  12. Thank you, but unfortunately DD sceneries are not involved: if I disable all of them (Warsaw airport EPWA + Warsaw city), the problem remains. As soon as I disable ORBX OpenLC Europe1, that line of houses disappears. Therefore the problem is OpenLC related. Further, I would advice to check your OpenLC installation, because I have your same view with OpenLC NOT active.
  13. Please, see my second reply just above your last one.
  14. I think you don't have OpenLC installed, or at least you don't have Europe 1 (ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU1\Scenery). This is indeed what I see if I DISABLE OpenLC Europe 1. The hill is related to Warsaw City X scenery by Drzewiecki Design:
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