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  1. Check under the properties tab of your C drive, there is a checkbox for "Allow Windows to compress..." that is most likely unchecked, believe it's off by default.
  2. Why not take a screenshot of your favorite scenery, and take it to a place that does silk screening? You can also purchase blank iron on sheets and print it yourself.
  3. Be funny as hell to see JV play along, and announce it in the preview forum.
  4. You realize he just wants an excuse to check out your scenery, right?
  5. I'm surprised so many didn't take advantage of the offers from FSS. If you bought your discs there, you could've "purchased" downloadable copies for free.
  6. Remind me to never occupy the same airspace as Doug Sawatzky. Even at uncontrolled airfields, you need to announce intentions to traffic.
  7. For me, the biggest con would be all of the ORBX scenery that likely won't be ported to AeroFly.
  8. If memory serves me correctly, those who qualified for the Alzheimer's discount through FSS got it on top of sales prices, and ORBX put an end to it after going solo.
  9. Reminds me of my first r/w flight, Boston to San Jose on a United DC-8, summer of 1970.
  10. I don't know if any of you noticed, but the doctor's criminal history was trending on social media yesterday. May be more to this than we know.
  11. Believe it or not, airlines are within their rights to tell you to leave, and once you refuse, you're trespassing.
  12. Their sale generally starts on Black Friday and runs until midnight on December 31st. Wouldn't expect any before that, but I've been wrong once before.
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