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  1. Another super cap from you ydelta
  2. An impressively realistic telephoto shot ydelter.
  3. These are very impressive Iain, showing some superb detail.
  4. Great work Adam, and Cairns is such a stunning place.
  5. Thank very much John, glad you like them Very pleasant flying weather for sure Martyn... cheers. Nice of you to say Jack... I'm pleased with how how looks on the whole. Thank you Adam Thanks Ken. I'd be happy to use it more if the performance was better... perhaps not so much of a problem on a better PC. I need to find some snow and give that feature a try. Thank you kindly Iain. Thanks Capt.... I hope you enjoyed your flight
  6. Thanks Capt :) Yes indeed! I totally agree... no matter how good the LC you can't possibly get the infinite variety of nature [and man] There is always something new to see in TE. Absolutely OND... A great place to explore with floats. Cheers Martyn... Impressive country is most certainly is.
  7. I've certainly found recent iterations of XP11 to be very well optimised, and I hope you find similar results when you go back to it. Thank you very much Mike. I truly think LR and Orbx are a perfect match, bringing us very close to absolute realism..... and it can only get better Hi and thanks Taph... I'm sure you'll be as delighted as I am in what you see. Of course it would be nice to have better hardware, but you don't lose much despite the age of our core hardware. Glad you like them Karoly Thank you Tony... coming from you that means a lot Thank you John, it really is my pleasure.
  8. And it's pretty fair today... although it should be as it's (flaming) June. We had thunder storms yesterday in Devon, and in general it's been rather unseasonal these past days. Anyway, just trying xEnviro 1.10 which has finally added it's true 3D volumetric clouds to X-Plane in their real-time weather app. It can look very good at times, but the clouds are grainy when viewed close up. It also takes over all post processing, taking away any changes made by xVision, and therefore losing control as to how the sim looks... that being said, it does a good job with lighting for the most part. Frame rates are cut in half for me when using it, which is a shame.... I'd say it's an interesting development, that needs more time to mature, and certainly worth a look if you already own it... The clouds are quite pleasing to the eye, and remind me of FSW's trueSKY implementation. Lovely glare effect from the sun. You can see the granular make-up of the clouds towards the top left. Overall lighting is very nicely handled. Thanks for looking.
  9. I shouldn't have mentioned them, as I have a fancy for some too and it's way passed breakfast and lunch... I'll have to settle for a lovely Ceylon curry later... the chef does very tasty coconut filled pancakes
  10. Hi and thank you GolfGuy72.... My experience with XP11.34 and True Earth on my PC is very positive in terms of performance, despite the age of my current setup. Over urban areas I can achieve around 25 to 30+fps and over rural area 50 to 60+fps, which I feel is perfectly acceptable given the above. More current hardware will have no problems running this with both higher settings and screen resolutions... I'm limited to 1080p. I think having 8GB of system RAM is the biggest hindrance, as the sim takes time to settle once the flight is loaded as scenery is still streamed in the background, and I will get some page file swapping at times during a flight.... 16GB should probably be considered the min. My XP settings in the spoiler tab... I will sometimes increase AA and add higher reflections if I feel the need, with AA adding a minimal hit. Three shots, one rural, two urban over Seattle, with data on showing frame rates and frame times... Click to enlarge. Thanks Mark.... Lets hope you don't end up on a desert island... although it sometimes has it's appeal Thanks Jack... The work input, of which I've seen some demonstrated to me, is mind boggling. These guys are doing something very special indeed. Cheers Tim, glad you like the scenery and my caps of it.
  11. Great work Jack!... As for Little Chefs, their cherry pancakes with ice cream were nice, but otherwise it was all a bit greasy for me, so no great loss.
  12. A second batch of Washington screens from me... Again a bit of a mix, but the last section are caps of a long flight from Spokane heading west towards the Columbia River. The variety of landscapes within this package is quite remarkable... I hope you like them All shots using xVision with my presets, apart from shots 3 & 4 which are using xEnviro 1.10.
  13. Hi OND... I'm using an xVision preset in all the shots, and the colouration in these presets is to my taste, although that might not be 100% accurate for the area, which I personally don't know.... and I do like my colours to have a little 'pop'...... It is quite possible to take things the other way if required and tune the settings to match your own expectations and taste. It should also be noted most of the shots are taken with a fairly low sun angle which exaggerates colour and contrast somewhat. You are a very lucky man to live in such an amazingly scenic part of the world
  14. Have a great one OND... And have this on me... sorry it's a cheap one
  15. Cheers Jack and yes indeed. Thank you Ken. Very nice of you to say so Mark Thank you, this is very immersive scenery. Ah, the good old Dutch angles... or something similar. Thanks Bill, I'm delighted you like the caps. Cheers Taph... scrape those pennies together, it'll be well worth it Cheers... In these I am using Vivid Sky for cloud and sky textures, which you can dl for free at x-plane.org. Thank you Renault. No! Hi Paul... the xV preset is basically the same as the one linked here... I'm constantly making changes though, although mostly minor tweaks. Mark Abdey XPXV1.7.xvs Cheers Karoly Thank Calum. Hi Mike... added a few post above Hi Cyber... see a few posts above I'm using my own weather themes, rather than external apps. I'm sure the devs are happy to hear it again Thank you John Cheers, it truly is. Thanks Capt... You will love it!.
  16. Hi Kev... Yes, the specs listed are current, and I'm getting superb performance over all the TE packages. My main constraint is output resolution which is 1080p but thats still delivers a clean image with decent levels of AA as you can see. All the shots are taken with the settings I use to fly and are not bumped-up for the screens.
  17. A very nice, fresh looking preset you've created Adam. I like the little splashes of autumn colour in some of the trees.
  18. My first look at TE US Washington for X-Plane 11 (a little late to the party )... With such a vast area to explore it takes a while to get to grips with the scale of it all, both in distance and the verticality of it, not to mention the variety of landscapes within the region, a lot of which I've not touched on yet. xVision is used in all shots, using one of my own presets. Thank you for looking. And a huge thank you to Mark Halliwell for his kindness and assistance.
  19. Love the sky lighting in this cap R
  20. Very nice... that second one though is
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