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  1. Thanks for the feedbak Graeme. More to come!
  2. Great pics Pete and to hear your story about your first flight of this wonderful bird.
  3. Ah Pete, nice words of support as always, thank you.
  4. I have just finished my first sim video in MSFS. A short flight around Bristol in the UK. I hope you like.
  5. Great news Ed. I reeeeeeally hope Compton Abbas is amongst them!
  6. Absolutely. It has been used specifically with that purpose in mind on numerous YouTube videos. IMO it shoujd not be used for promoting a scenery product that is trying to resemble real life as much as possible.
  7. Hmm, well, I'm not going to name names, but I bought a small GA airport the other week and noticed some really low resolution models. When I viewed the pics on the product page, those same models were conveniently blurry.
  8. I'm sure for many this little gripe of mine will have gone unnoticed, or perhaps disregarded, but for others who share my observation, I can say I find it extremely irritating. I'm talking about devs who release a video of their new airport, which may be a great video, but the producer has used an overly used technique of using a shallow depth of field on many of the shots. This seems to be very fashionable, but from my perspective I find it very distracting. I don't know what others feel, but I want to see the airport in all it's glory, I don't want to see aspects which are clearly out of focus, I want to view the surrounding scenery and all the details such as the cars, the signs and things. Call me pedantic (it wouldn't be the first time ) but this technique IMO is not needed and seems to fulfil the desires of the video maker rather than the scenery developer.
  9. Sounds like you could have conflicting assignments as a possibility (?)
  10. The iconic NGX departing PAKT
  11. From what I remember Iain, Central Rockies I think.
  12. Indeed Iain, Yellowstone from what I remember and of course A2A's B-17
  13. Another screenie from my archive collection of pics...
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