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  1. Very impressive airport, so many details included. And your shots are really well taken!
  2. Beautiful scenery Bernd. It is always rewarding to fly and land correctly a demanding aircraft, but you seem to have succeeded!
  3. Excellent shots, great angles on those. Merry Christmas to you!
  4. Beautiful shots John, definitely a great looking airport and area!
  5. Beautiful shots Pete, and this brand new yellow bird looks superb. The people on the airport noticed your new aircraft but did not show any interest simply because they were jealous, that's all!!
  6. Really nice shots, they look real to me!
  7. Never heard of Crossgolf before. The proof that we learned something new everyday! !
  8. Great shots John, not everyone receives a wrapped airplane for Christmas. Lucky you! Have a Merry Christmas!
  9. Excellent shots Adam, great atmosphere!
  10. Lots of work on that airport, looks great!
  11. Very nice set John, I like it when developers that some time to include people at the airport, it is more realistic!
  12. Beautiful scenery and atmosphere in those shots Jean-Marc!
  13. Superb scenery, and I love the livery of your aircraft!
  14. Excellent idea and great find, this vessel. It seems Antartica is still full of surprises!
  15. That is a well prepared and executed flight Gerold. Well done!
  16. You are going to scare the kids in the ferris wheel!!
  17. Very nice set. Now with that kind of aircraft, the pilot must know what he is doing, as things happen quite fast!
  18. Superb light in that set. Crisp shots too!
  19. Beautiful scenery, I love the livery too.
  20. Impressive shots, the wake turbulence even had an effect on the green motorbike!
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